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What Does a Smart Brain America Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$60,000 - $163,000

Smart Brain America Educational Franchise Information:

Smart Brain America is currently accepting applications for franchising.

Smart Brain America is the powerhouse Abacus Mental Arithmetic and Enrichment program that spans across almost 15 countries around the world and develops the brains of over 275,000 children every year.

The Smart Brain program in particular is a time tested and scientifically proven program that can launch your child's ability in academics, sports, & social relations onto the fast track. Parents routinely ask us, "How can this Abacus thing make this much of a difference? And by the way, if it's so good, how come everybody isn't teaching it?" Both are great questions. The answer, "If you develop the brain, great things happen." & "Others cannot teach this program as the Smart Brain program has been devised, modified and tweaked behind closed doors."

What We Do

Smart Brain America is NOT a general, run-of-the-mill tutoring program. We are an exceptional program that utilizes the ancient Chinese calculator, Abacus, in a very highly specialized manner to target incredible right brain activity. The right side of the brain is what the school system cannot develop. However, it is the side of the brain we do develop and that leads to children being able to perform large and complex mathematical computations, tack sharp Reading Comprehension, Reading Speed, Reading Accuracy, Memory, Memory Recall, Memory Recall Speed, Conceptualization, Rationalization, and Behavior. This is something you just CANNOT tutor your way through. You have to develop the brain to do it.

What does this mean to a parent? Well, that their children are coming to our center to receive the best possible Abacus education worldwide with a system so unique that everyone is clammering to get in.

The Opportunity

What does this mean on a business level? Well, if you are really worthy of being one of our franchisees --- you'll know exactly what it means!

Thank you for considering our Franchise Opportunity.

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