soUno Internet Yellow Page Directory Business Opportunity Information:

"By the year 2007, Internet Yellow Pages are predicted to dominate the projected $22 billion market."
Kelsey Group

Capitalize on the opportunity to own the phone book in your market. We are seeking entrepreneurs to operate the soUno Internet Yellow Page (IYP) Directory. As a soUno Distributor you are offering products and solutions that are absolutely necessary for every business in your community.

soUno's proprietary technology enables you to save businesses thousands of dollars every year on their yellow page advertising. soUno offers you the exclusive ability to provide your community with a new and improved phone book."At soUno, we've successfully taken the phone book out of the desk drawer and placed it on the desktop." Lynn Mitchell

In 2004, the Print Yellow Pages posted 0% growth for the first time ever while IYP's grew an amazing 40%!

Here are just a few reasons why this opportunity is so exciting:
  • Every business in town is a potential customer!
  • A Proven system that generated $1.9 Million during the first 18 months in Tulsa, OK!
  • No Store Front, No Inventory, Business to Business!
  • Sell a product that is up to 95% less expensive than your competition and has more features and benefits, like:
    • Updateable Ads
    • Updateable Coupons
    • Downloadable Phone Book
    • Natural Language Searching - Finds businesses faster!
    • Push to Talk - Talk completely Toll Free!
    • Massive Distribution Network which does 3 Billion searches per month.
    • Great looking ads, excellent exposure!
  • Continued Training with Unlimited On-Going Support!
  • OUTSTANDING Residual Income with no Royalty Payments!
  • Protected Territories!

Start CAPITALIZING on the change in how America finds their phone numbers.

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