SportsLife Sporting Goods & Apparel Business Opportunity Information:

We have one question for you! How much do you or other people you know spend on sports equipment and apparel in a year? Are you letting hundreds possibly thousands of dollars slip through your fingers? Okay so that's 2 questions but you could start making money rather than spending it!

How? Start your own business selling sports equipment and apparel. Our dealers sell team uniforms for baseball, softball, football, basketball and more! Don't know how? That is why you join SportsLife - for the help and guidance that SportsLife and the great staff at SportsLife can provide you.

With SportsLife, you will have the tools available that will help you in your sports business. Many people, like yourself, have gone on to become successful sports business owners either full or part time. They saw the opportunity and took that first step toward a successful sporting goods or apparel business. Our members buy sporting goods and apparel at great wholesale prices.

So Much More Than Sporting Goods

Start your own business today! Our members enjoy networking with other sports business owners from across North America. And as a member, you will be able to contact your business coach at SportsLife to help you with your business. You are never alone as a SportsLife Dealer! We also have a Dealer Manual, online tutorials, annual meetings, business forms and other tools that can help you expand your current business or help you get your own business off the ground.

Start the business of your dreams! You're the Boss! You make your own hours! Set your own prices! Wholesale sporting goods to retail - you keep all your profit!

The SportsLife business opportunity can help start your own business. As a dealer you get access to wholesale sporting goods suppliers, team uniforms, custom apparel and more!

"SportsLife has been a great asset to my business, Stickman Sports. They gave me the tools I needed to start up and they have provided me with tremendous support and information as my business has grown." - Sean Thompson, Owner of Stickman Sports

SportsLife Dealer Advantages
  • Easy to network with other business owners!
  • Suppliers - a list of over 70 wholesalers ready to do business with you!
  • Support - a national company with over 12 years experience and the power of the entire group behind you!
  • Buying Power - you are part of a large group and will reap the all the benefits of the buying power of SportsLife!
  • Annual meeting for you to confer with other members and suppliers as a group
  • New Suppliers - We are adding new suppliers all the time - many contact us to see if they can sell to our dealers
  • Communicate with other dealers thru our bulletin board system and dealer chats
  • Receive help and advice from other dealers who have done it and are willing to share their experiences with other members

There are many benefits to becoming a SportsLife Dealer. See for yourself how Sportslife can help you!

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