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Take 2 Video franchises are poised to be America's next national chain. Learn how Take 2 Video can help you profit in this fun and growing industry.

Take 2 Video Store Franchise Information:

America's Next National Chain
Who says we're next? Well quite frankly we do! Let's begin by giving credit where credit is due. Companies like Blockbuster, Movie Gallery, and Hollywood Video have built huge successful national chains in the video industry in the 80's and 90's. They have made handsome profits for their corporations and franchisees. We congratulate them on their accomplishments. To make big money as a franchisee however, you need to be with the next national chain, not the last national chain.

Take 2 Video recognizes the changing market place and our strong experienced staff took the rule book those chains used for success in the 80's and 90's and threw it out the window. We started from scratch and created an entirely new model for a video store that we believe makes us the most exciting, and explosive company in retailing.

Bottom line, everyone else does exactly the same thing, we changed everything! We think that makes us next.

The Take 2 Difference

Take 2 Video feels the entertainment should start when you first walk through the door.

Customer Service
Who says the video business is a self serve industry? Not us!

Aggressive Marketing
We talk to our customers more than all of our competitors combined.

Constant Innovation
At Take 2 Video we are always ready to try new things.

Rent One Get One Free
Our rent one get on free concept is unique in the industry.

Fantastic Careers
Your staff will never find a job this fun!

High Profits
As much fun as this is… you still will be well paid.

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