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What exactly is teetimes24?
TeeTimes247, a leading web based marketing company, has created the perfect fit between state-of-the-art technology and one of America's most popular sports- Golf! With over 50 years of golf experience, TeeTimes247 has partnered with golf courses nationwide to sell their unused tee times. In the golf industry tee times represents over 70% of the $24 Billion a year golf business! Our Private Label partners sell these unused tee times through their custom web sites, capitalizing on the over 40% of all golfers who are booking their tee times online.

What does TeeTimes247 offer?

What do you get when you join TeeTimes247?
  • A Private Label website that looks and works exactly like TeeTimes247 with your custom name and information. Your site will have tee times, products, Hot Deals, Stay N' Plays and much more!
  • The ability to earn money every time someone books a tee time through your site!
  • The opportunity to sell times in your region or nationally.
  • We'll even show you how to sell advertising on your site.
  • Participation in regional events such as PGA trade shows, attend our seminars and onsite training at our California offices.
  • And… We can have you live in 5 business days!

Training & Support
TeeTimes247 provides ongoing support to assist in marketing your website. Here is how we help:
  • TeeTimes247 has a dedicated staff that posts tee times daily for each of our expanding markets.
  • Affiliations: We are constantly adding new courses and developing critical partnerships.
  • Optimization: Our SEO marketing team works with you to get your Private Label site the best exposure on all the major search engines.
  • Marketing: Our marketing team has developed a DVD outlining direct marketing strategies exclusively for our Private Label partners. TeeTimes247 has an in house Private Label staff that is continuously create new marketing channels.
We Partner with You to Ensure Your Success and Ours!


How does this work?
  • There are over 16,000 Golf Courses nationwide!
  • Each course has approximately 240 tee times available each day.
  • Lets take 1,000 golf courses x 240 tee times = 240,000 tee time per day!
  • A busy golf course typically sells half their inventory leaving a potential of 120,000 tee times available per day!
  • If you, as a Private Label partner sell only 10 tee times per day you could earn an average of $111.30 daily! Or $3,339 per month!
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