House, The Home Loan Store

What Does a House, The Home Loan Store Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$20,000 - $65,000

House, The Home Loan Store Opportunity:
Own your own store and get instant access to our 65 Lenders and Banks along with training and support from proven industry experts.

House, The Home Loan Store - Area Developer:

The Area Developers identify prospective store owners in their own regions. These key associates work hand-in-hand with potential store owners to identify their suitability to own and operate their own House, The Home Loan Store location.

Does House, The Home Loan Store Offer Marketing Support?

Yes! Our HouseHLS marketing system takes a page out of Ditech\'s and Countrywide\'s play books. We provide Live Leads to our stores. We also give HouseHLS owners the tools to market their services through our one-of-a-kind relationship programs.

  • Live Leads Interested clients call you looking for a home loan!
  • "I Love My CPA"Turn these professionals into lead generation machines!
  • Realtor Direct We teach you how to attract and retain Realtors.
House, The Home Loan Store will also assist you in creating and executing your own marketing strategies. We have also listened to and have adopted marketing strategies from our store owners. Implementing our marketing strategies and providing excellent customer service will enable you to become a successful House, The Home Loan Store owner.

How Long has House, The Home Loan Store Been in Business?

After working in the loan industry and managing multiple mortgage branches for some of the top lenders in the nation, Marcos Moura and Ou Lee decided to create a new way to do loans. In 2004 they opened the 1st House, The Home Loan Store location in Las Vegas, Nevada. They quickly expanded into the California and Utah market and are currently able to lend in 45 states! Together, Marcos Moura and Ou Lee bring over 13 years of mortgage industry experience.

What Kind of Training and Support Does House, The Home Loan Store Offer?

Here is an interview with HouseHLS founders Marcos Moura and Ou Lee from February 6th, 2007.

Marcos Moura stated, "Ou and I knew that writing loans was not difficult as long as we had the right support system. When we started House we wanted to make sure that all of our loan originators had access to information and training. In fact, our first store had no individual offices, every one worked in the same room. Since then, HouseHLS has continued to keep an open door policy. A loan should not go south because the loan officer doesn\'t\' know what to do next, especially when one loan can yield $10,000 dollars! HouseHLS offers knowledge and support at your finger tips."

Ou Lee continued saying "We keep a constant watch on lending trends and keep our store owners up to date. We coach each of our store owners to operate a successful business with a very low overhead. HouseHLS training includes local, on-site, and distance learning classes.

What is the Outlook for the Mortgage Industry?

Industry experts estimate that approximately $1.5 trillion worth of adjustable mortgages will reset by the end of 2007. It is estimated that $700 billion of those loans will need to be refinanced into new loans! $700 billion is mind blowing and very exciting.

The Opportunity

Our initial investment and monthly overhead is very low compared to other business opportunities, this is important if you are looking for a rapid return on your investment. Also HouseHLS does not charge any traditional royalties.

We look forward to speaking with you and helping you start your own successful business with House, The Home Loan Store. Contact us today!

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