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Online Business Group is a consulting company specializing in helping individuals & corporations grow successful online e-commerce and B2B businesses

Online Business Group E-Commerce Business Opportunity Information:

The Online Business Group Corporation is a consulting company specializing in helping individuals grow successful online e-commerce businesses by applying proven business development techniques and marketing approaches. Our "hands on" partnering process coupled with an entrepreneurial education system is a unique and powerful combination. We focus on new sales growth and increased profitability for our newest business partners.

Define The Business: We represent 2500+ different companies and 15 different vertical markets. The online e-commerce space we are in is the Business-to-Consumer (B2C) sector. We have a consumer-direct profit sharing model and we are the sales arm for a multifaceted value-added e-commerce company. We offer a turn-key business that provides multiple business ownership opportunities. To clarify, we do not develop e-stores for existing companies.

The Best Business Plan: There is no better financial opportunity than owning an e-commerce business that comes with a consulting organization that not only helps you but pays you weekly for services rendered.

Your Financial Opportunity: We have a dynamic financial opportunity for visionary professionals. As a proven consulting company we will provide hands on guidance in the areas of marketing, business development and profitability.

Get Paid Early: Our consulting organization will pay you within the first 7-14 of you purchasing the business.

ROI: The newest partner will have the opportunity to earn all their initial investment within 90 days.

100k Return: With one of the few multiple company income businesses on the Internet we are pretty confident that we can help you earn 100k within 2-4 years if you follow our franchise system.

Verification: We are incorporated in Wyoming with corporate offices in Cheyenne, WY and Manhattan, NYC, NY. We also are a member of the Better Business Bureau and have the BBB Online Reliability Program Seal of Approval.

Understand Some Key Facts!
  • Growth: Our e-commerce consumer-direct business is growing by 25% per year.
  • Industry: Other Internet or e-commerce businesses such as E-bay are also doing phenomenally well (an average of $54 million a day in sales).
  • Industry: Other consumer-direct businesses are also doing phenomenally well. For example, QVC (a consumer-direct business model) is delivering to over one million homes. Other examples include Dell Computer and GEICO Insurance.
  • Paradigm: There is a commerce paradigm shift occurring, and it has huge implications - average people are changing the way they purchase goods and contract for services by using the Internet. We have a business program that takes advantage of that current trend and are looking for business-builders to help develop volume of our Value-Added Distributor.
  • Internet: The type of growth being experienced is opening new doors of opportunity. We are looking for people who want to create multiple income streams and who realize that the Internet and its growth is a great way to accomplish that.
  • Internet: In 2003 Internet e-commerce grew by 32%, whereas traditional retail markets remained flat at 2%. As a direct result of this trend, retailers and manufacturers are poised to increase their online presence, affiliate partnerships and revenue.
  • Corporate Online Initiative: Fortune 500 companies have an initiative designed to generate 12% to 15% of total global revenue through an employee-less online model.
  • Government: Government officials are mandating Broadband Internet access. It is widely believed that when broadband Internet access is more widely deployed, growth trends in online commerce will accelerate.

What advantage do we have compared to other business offerings?

Financial Advantage
  • Low Cost Entry Fee
  • No financing needed to get started

Low Risk Advantage
  • No need to risk your primary income to create this income

Time Advantage
  • A full-time income can be developed with a part-time 15-30 hour/week commitment over 2-5 years.

Support Advantage
  • A hands-on approach to personal business development.
  • A consultant team dedicated to business development.
  • There is an experienced management team that will be part of this process.

Internet Advantage
  • One of the largest growth industries in the world.
  • A high growth market specific to business-to-consumer and a growing web-based lifestyle.

Personal Profitability Advantage
  • At least five (5) potential income streams available.
  • Immediate tax advantages from business ownership available.

Miscellaneous Advantages
  • No territory limitations because of the virtual nature of your business.
  • Limited traditional business costs such as employees, additional insurance coverage, real estate and overhead.
  • An internal resource-rich educational website available for all business owners.
  • Conference call educational forums.
  • A business development tracking system (for prospect tracking).

Your Road to Success in Business Ownership
There are few businesses that can provide you with a better probability for executive income production. Our management team has created a support structure that will help you create a solid and profitable online business. It is a low risk business opportunity in an industry poised for high growth rates. The business-to-consumer market is a great vehicle to help many executives and hard working professionals create an executive level annual return.

We are not a consulting company that will help you get an existing business online. Instead, we are a consulting company with existing business concepts and models that can provide you with an online business. Our businesses take advantage of the largest business trend that has ever existed - the migration of traditional offline business profits to innovative and exclusive online selling and distribution channels.

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