ThinGlow Sign Business Opportunity Information:

An animated, illuminated sign that is thickness of a business card and equally as flexible? ThinGlow signs are the revolutionary new medium taking the advertising world by storm! The versatility of the product is endless, and allows advertisers and marketers alike to create animated, illuminated signage cost effectively for the first time ever.

ThinGlow's Light Emitting Ink {LEI} Technology

ThinGlow signs are made possible by implementing Lucid Media's proprietary LEI technology. This revolutionary technology allows ThinGlow to produce animated, illuminated signs in volumes as low as one. Because of the ability to produce signs cost effectively in low volumes, virtually any buyer of a typical sign or poster is now a potential ThinGlow customer! Even more impressive are production turn around times, typical signs are produced and delivered within 10 business days.

Target Markets

ThinGlow signs can be implemented virtually anywhere. Historically, the only way to produce light and motion effectively was to use cost prohibitive LCD and Plasma screens. The advent of LEI technology finally allows advertisers to combine light and motion cost effectively. The future of print media is here today. ThinGlow signs can replace almost any traditional Illuminated or standard print media:
  • Store Signage
  • Product Displays
  • Neon and LED Signage Alternatives
  • Posters
  • Point of Purchase Displays
  • Billboards
  • Promotional Products {Hats, keychains, etc}
  • Vehicle Lettering and accessories
  • The sky's the limit! Have an interesting idea or concept? ThinGlow is always excited to work on innovative and custom applications!


The ThinGlow business model allows individuals to make better than 100% margins with very limited overhead. Because ThinGlow handles all manufacturing, all you need to do is find the buyers! ThinGlow distributors purchase signs for cost plus 12%! This allows distributors to make HUGE margins while still being cost competitive with inferior technologies like LED and Neon! A typical sign costs approx. $150.00 and sells for a staggering $500.00, a $350.00 profit per sign! Most distributors are producing positive cash flow in the first 45 days!

Become A Dealer

Interested in becoming a distributor of ThinGlow's LEI Signage? ThinGlow is currently seeking companies and individuals interested in becoming licensed distributors of the ThinGlow product line! Apply today!

January Sales Promotion

As an incentive to join the ThinGlow authorized distributors' team, ThinGlow will be giving away a free iPod Nano with purchase of all new ThinGlow distributorships during the month of January!

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