A Thinkertots children's education franchise enables you to combine your love of children with owning your own business. Designed to combine both recr

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Financial requirements for this opportunity:
Liquid Capital:$83,050 - $124,000
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Total Investment:$160,300
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Thinkertots Children's Education Franchise Information:

Nurturing Creativity and Imagination…

Studies show that effective cognitive and social stimulation during a child's first four years reap lifelong benefits. Thinkertots classes use carefully selected activities to provide children with this stimulation and to help lay the foundation for their later success. Our warm, nurturing atmosphere creates an environment of encouragement and support. Small, age-appropriate classes address the challenges unique to a child's age and stage of growth. As children perform one activity at a time they learn to follow directions and cooperate with one another.

Come Join Us...

A Thinkertots franchise enables you to combine your love of children with owning your own business. As a Thinkertots franchisee, you will be filling a market need by providing developmentally enriching programs for children, from birth to five years. Designed to combine both recreational and educational experiences, Thinkertots is a franchise that gives you the opportunity to make a difference, while operating a business of your own.

How It All Began…

Thinkertots was founded by husband and wife team Lori Barrett and Rocky Bavuso. A child development professional, Lori understands the high correlation between an individual's future success and the cognitive stimulation and personality development skills that are formed early in life. Yet, when she became a mother, she discovered the availability of programs offering enrichment opportunities to children under four years of age were generally limited in number and scope. So, Lori set out to design one herself.

Lori's qualifications made her exceptionally well suited to the task of developing the education-oriented, Thinkertots' Centers. With a B.A. in Psychology, a Masters in Social Work, Post Graduate studies in Psychology, and experience on the New York City Board of Education, plus a mother's viewpoint, she now serves as franchise director for Thinkertots. She and her husband/business partner, Rocky, are now ready to expand their thriving business to provide early developmental opportunities to "little ones" on a greater geographical scale.

When you purchase a Thinkertots - "Smart Programs For Kids" franchise, you reap the benefits of using a time-tested, well-established business system. Every detail of our franchise structure has been carefully considered to provide the optimum experience for you and your clients.

It's Your Turn…

Now that you know all about us, we'd like to learn about you. We will be awarding Thinkertots franchises to a limited number of qualified individuals. Among the criteria we have established for franchise ownership is a sincere respect for children and an interest in education.

Owning a Thinkertots franchise presents an ideal opportunity for individuals who may wish to work during school hours, close to home and be with their own children.

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At this time we are only offering franchises in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

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