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TKR Dollar Store Development Business Opportunity:

TKR Associates is not a franchise organization. TKR Associates is a retail store development company located in suburban Philadelphia. With over 30 years of experience in the retail industry - we formerly owned and operated dollar stores, as well as card/gift, seasonal, and party shops - TKR Associates has developed a winning formula that we now teach to those who want to become successful retailers.

Our full dollar store development program is available to clients within a 150-mile radius of Philadelphia, including all of New Jersey, Delaware, and Eastern Pennsylvania. We assist you before, during, and after your dollar store opens - everything from finding the right location, to store set-up and training, to on-site (not just telephone) support. For clients in other areas, as well as those already operating a dollar store or other retail business, TKR Associates offers consulting services customized to fit individual needs.

From the minute you walk into a client's dollar store, you can see the difference our experience makes! Notice the exciting seasonal displays, the emphasis on proper organization and merchandising, the tremendous selection of products, and the overall clean, neat appearance of the store. Our background in upscale retailing influences the look of a TKR Associates dollar store in a way that can only enhance success!

For clients in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania, and Delaware:
As retail store developers specializing in the dollar store/off-price industry, TKR Associates offers a complete dollar store program to its regional clients. For a one-time project fee, everything is provided to get the new dollar store established. Our Dollar Store Project services include:
  • Site selection
  • Lease negotiation
  • Store planning/layout design
  • Fixture and inventory procurement
  • Grand Opening campaign
  • Seasonal plan-o-grams and buying program
In addition, we offer something most others don't:After the store opens, TKR Associates provides a continued support program to assist the business owner with inventory, displays, store operations, and any other retail business concerns. Our Support Program includes:
  • Regular store visits by a TKR Associate
  • Buying trips to trade shows and vendors' showrooms
  • New product introductions at our home office
  • Sourcing of closeouts and customer requests
  • Assistance with maintaining everyday inventory
  • Development and procurement of seasonal orders
Ongoing support is important in maintaining the upscale appearance and impressive selection of products found in a TKR dollar store. A new dollar store owner can be confident that he/she will receive the guidance necessary to insure the success of the business. And since we are not a franchise, there are no additional fees for these support services.

Custom consulting services to fit each client's needs:
TKR Associates offers retail consulting services for clients in all geographic areas. New or experienced dollar store owners looking to increase profits and create a more exciting dollar store, as well as other retailers looking to add a dollar/off-price department or open a new store, can contract for any of the following services:
  • Location verification
  • Lease negotiation
  • Design services
  • Product sourcing
  • Dollar Store Set-up Package
  • Re-merchandising of existing dollar stores
Benefits of the TKR Program:
Whether you are opening your first dollar store, or seeking assistance with an established business, working with TKR Associates benefits you in the following ways:
  • Sales above industry average (can be in excess of $200 per square foot)
  • Annual gross profit margin of 40% or more
  • Continued support through on-site visits for regional clients
  • Greater buying power and product variety
  • Free freight or reduced freight rates on merchandise
  • Closeout items not found in most dollar stores
  • No monthly or yearly fees (we are NOT a franchise company)
  • Three decades of business experience working for your success!
If you are ready to open a dollar store, or want to improve your existing retail business, let TKR Associates put you on the road to success!

Please note we are only offering franchises in New York, Noew Jersery, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania.

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