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Top Dog Daycare Franchise Information:

Most dog kennel services are trapped in the dark ages. They offer dogs a small kennel space inside a metal fence. Sure, for a couple of extra bucks owners can buy their dog a short walk on an even shorter leash. Doesn't sound like much fun, does it? At Top Dog Daycare, we are out to change all that with our dog friendly kennel and doggie daycare. We offer days filled with fun for our boarding K-9 guests and daycare dogs. The play group is fully supervised by our trained staff AND we have a full-time trainer on the premises. Our staff is actively participating with the dogs at all times - loving on them, monitoring their play and making sure they are healthy and happy.

We also have a full-service grooming salon on the premises, as well as a full-time obedience and behavior consultant on staff. Top Dog Grooming and Top Dog Training are top of the line.

What Top Dog Daycare Offers A Franchisee:

In addition to your motivation, hard work, flexibility, and commitment, you will be provided with the assistance and training needed to ensure your success.

Financial - We teach you how to work efficiently and economically while upholding the quality of Top Dog Daycare's superior service to both customers and their pets. Once a Franchise is up and running, Franchisees earn a living loving and caring for canines.

Training - Up to 3 weeks of hands-on training at Top Dog Daycare's main facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado and the new Franchisee location. Plus, you'll receive ongoing training through email, phone, letter, and personal contact. We have a successful track record based on methods proven to work well - we pass on those trade secrets to Top Dog Daycare Franchisees.

Support - Exclusive access to K-9 Connect, the animal services industry's ONLY internet based computer system, created by Top Dog Daycare for Top Dog Daycare operations. Website format and technical support. Fresh, innovative marketing ideas and materials. Peek-a-Pooch live video access through Top Dog Daycare's website system. Top Dog Franchisees receive a Monthly Franchisee newsletter and have ongoing contact with Top Dog Daycare's Franchise Department.

Innovation - A constant flow of cutting edge information on new services and products within the animal services world. Updates on current practices and procedures in the playland. There are few career choices so cutting edge, so fun, so exciting, and so profitable!

Material supplies for Franchisees - Discounted rates for necessary supplies - we are a one stop shop for all your needs. Products that are good sellers, ideas that dogs and "parents" love, and other tricks-of-the-trade are offered exclusively to Top Dog Franchisees.

Experience - Top Dog Daycare Franchise packages contain tools that are essential to break into the fast-growing pet service niche. Often, dog lovers starting from scratch will make several common but costly mistakes. Our Franchisees will bypass "first-timer" flub-ups by jumping right into cost-effective procedures and practices.

Who are we looking for?
  • Dedicated dog-lovers
  • People with a high standard of customer service
  • Entrepreneurs who can take a licking
Do your customers tell you constantly how wonderful you are? Who wouldn't love a job like ours!

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