United Merchants Group

United Merchants Group is a new business opportunity that allows you to make an unlimited income in the exploding electronic payment industry.

Are You Ready to Start Your Own Home-Based Business in a Booming Industry?

Credit and debit card transactions represent a 2 Trillion-Dollar industry and sales have grown by 22 percent for the last 4 years. The industry is truly booming!

Any time a customer makes a purchase with a credit card, debit card, or check, another company - called a service provider - makes a fee from these transactions. Are you ready for an exciting opportunity in the credit card processing market? United Merchants Group has a proven system that can enable you to be a success while you work from home. Why not enter into this exploding market? United Merchants Group will help make it easy for you. Remember too....this is a recession proof business!

What is the Electronic Payments Industry all about?

Simply put, this industry consists of providing the equipment, services and technology to electronically transfer money between the buyer of goods and services to the seller. Relax...this is a simple business!

United Merchants Group has designed a state of the art selling system that will make you successful in the electronic payments industry. Even though millions of people use the services in this industry everyday, few have any idea of the opportunity it holds. This is the perfect place to be in business today!

Here's Why:

  • It can be run from your home or office with minimal start-up costs.
  • You don't have to have sales experience or banking knowledge.
  • You can make multiple income streams - both immediate and residual.
  • Businesses need and want the products and services you will provide.
  • The industry keeps growing and moving forward rapidly.
  • No on-going royalties to pay or expensive franchise fees.
  • You can work full or part-time.

Why Choose a Distributorship With United Merchants Group?

  • Everyday, thousands of new businesses open their doors. Countless other established businesses are dissatisfied with their current providers or are paying too much for credit card processing services.
  • Someone has to help these new businesses so they can begin accepting electronic forms of payment and rescue the already established ones from their frustrations. That someone is going to collect a percentage of the transaction fees. That someone could be you!
  • Establishing one of these businesses as a client can pay you immediate profits each and every time an electronic transaction is made.
  • Once your client is set up, you get paid on each transaction for the life of that contract. Residual income continues month after month, year after year, automatically!

What Does Our Business System Provide To You?

United Merchants Group has designed a state of the art system and a network of companies that together will provide the widest range of products, the best service in the industry, and a simple step-by-step program to ensure your success as you build your own company.

  • We provide training and marketing materials and a website so you can start making money right away.
  • We have an established lead generation facility and will generate contacts for you so you can stay focused on building a large portfolio for yourself.
  • Processing and accounting is handled for you - you can simply log on to our web site to see how much money your merchants are making for you everyday!
  • You will retain your clients because we provide superior support and pricing.
  • We will provide you with further guidance to help you expand your business to whatever level you choose.
What Does Our Business System Provide To You?

If you are seriously interested in a United Merchants Group distributorship in your area, contact us today.

Territories are limited, and the best locations always go first.

Please note - United Merchants Groups opportunities are not available outside the U.S.

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United Merchants Group is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Wyoming, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska