VERT Peak Fitness Centers

What Does a VERT Peak Fitness Centers Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$150,000 - $400,000

VERT Peak Fitness Centers Franchise Information:

It\'s a whole new way to deliver personal training, and it\'s only available at VERT Fitness!"

VERT Fitness is a revolutionary, turnkey approach to managing your personal training business. With proprietary, computer driven fitness equipment, automated client management, and a proven exercise system; VERT Fitness has become the most efficient and effective way to increase personal training revenue, manage client results, and greatly improve member retention.

Holly McPeak, Olympic Medalist, AVP\'s all time winningest women\'s volleyball player.

VERT, which has earned a strong reputation in the fitness industry training professional athletes, helps people of all ages and levels achieve unprecedented increases in speed, power and quickness. In addition, VERT has developed a proven system that helps people lose weight, increase strength and endurance, and get them in great shape! With all of the challenges clubs face when trying to retain members, VERT has focused on becoming the industry leader in these five categories:

  • Competitive personal training pricing
  • Workout time efficiency and session management
  • Client tracking and feedback
  • Client motivation and accountability
  • Client retention

VERT is Safe! VERT\'s computerized equipment adjusts to your movements smoothly never giving more resistance than a user can handle. Additionally, VERT\'s bi-directional resistance allows for training two or more muscle groups at the same time decreasing the time it takes to work out and helps minimize post workout soreness.

The VERT Fitness Advantage

  • Train multiple clients simultaneously
  • Stores and records all client results and data
  • Offers quick and effective workouts
  • Long-term client retention
  • Flexible use for athletic and fitness training
  • Combines both strength and cardiovascular conditioning
  • Functional, active oriented fitness programs
  • Accommodates all levels, younger to older, and healthy to injured
  • Multiple exercises for each machine
  • Proven durability
  • Space efficient

"I use VERT to improve my jump and my quickness, It\'s perfect for what I do"
Holly McPeak, Olympic Medalist, AVP\'s all time winningest women\'s volleyball player

"Even the Best Athlete Can Get Better"
Tim Grover, Attack Athletics Trainer of NBA Stars.

"I have never found a system that gives results like what I have seen at VERT"
John Perry M.D., A founder of the American College of Sports Medicine - Former team physician for the RAMS & REDSKINS.

"It gives me a distinct edge I never had before... I\'m stronger and the muscles I use swimming move faster."
Lenny Krayzelburg, 3 Olympic Gold Medals (USA Today).

"I refuse to talk about VERT because it\'s my training secret."
Shaquille O\'Neal (Men\'s Fitness Magazine)

"VERT is my fountain of youth."
Ernie Banks, Chicago Cubs Baseball Legend, Hall of Fame & two time MVP (Vert News).

"VERT private training center... is on the cutting edge of fitness technology"
L.A. Times

"The VERT system is absolutely unique in its ability to build fast-twitch muscle strength"
Dr. Clifford Tabin, Professor, Harvard Medical School. Director of the Tabin Research Lab (focusing on fast and slow twitch muscle development)

The Edge of Excellence Power Hockey Skating Camps
David Roy, Former Coach of the Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Stars & Canadian National Team & Canadian Women\'s Olympic Team.

If you are looking to set yourself apart in the fitness industry, VERT Peak Fitness Centers and VERT Fitness Studios are the way to go.

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