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Become a Webmaster Now!

Create and maintain powerful, professional websites! Make money off of the setup fees, and recurring hosting fees.

Webmaster Creators has developed the most advanced, easy to use, automated web site building tool on the Internet. We private label our web site builders so that you can create and maintain your own client base of web sites under your own brand. Basically you become a cutting edge webmaster in a fraction of the time it normally takes to become a web master. You can create and maintain powerful database driven web sites in any vertical market.

We are completely behind the scenes and you set all the fees. You can make the web sites self- service or hide the builder and create custom web sites for your client base. You create recurring revenue through web site set up fees, hosting, and any other products you decide to bundle with our software.

This is how it works!
  • We build a private label web site builder for your company within 3 days.
  • You have the ability to create and host web sites using our web site building and hosting platform.
  • You then customize your web site builder using the same tool that you sell to meet the specific needs of your target market.
  • Our system allows you to set your own set up fees, monthly recurring charges, and up sale opportunities.
  • We provide you with unlimited training, phone, and e-mail support.
  • You or your prospective clients build demo sites to test drive the software. They have a 15-day free trial to evaluate the software. When they are ready you can activate their Web site automatically through a link on the web sites.
  • With our technology you don't need to know anything about hosting web sites, hooking up domain names, FTP, or programming!
  • You then go out and promote your new company through word of mouth, traditional media, search engines, banner ads etc...
  • We even have created a built-in email management system that enables you to harvest and send targeted email campaigns.
  • You start creating a solid portfolio of recurring revenue through your hosting base!
This IS NOT a get rich quick scheme that promises quick rewards for little to no effort. In order to have a successful company and be your own boss you must work smart and hard, but the rewards are great!

Our company is a legitimate company with 7 years of experience. Even if you don't have complex technical know-how but have a desire and drive to sell your clients web sites that are easy-to-use, powerful, and feature-rich, you can be making solid profits within your first year.

We charge a moderate setup fee and a small monthly fee for each site that you host on the platform. You have a choice of how much to charge for setup fees.

The following is an example of how much you can earn with our plan:
  • At 4 sales a month (48 clients yearly x $50 month) = $2,400
  • At 8 sales a month (96 clients yearly x $50 month) = $4,800
  • At 12 sales a month (144 clients yearly x $50 month) = $7,200
  • At 16 sales a month (192 clients yearly x $50 month) = $9,600
Watch your revenue grow as you build your client baseSince the web sites have a recurring revenue (site hosting), in your second year you would earn:
  • At 4 sales a month (48 clients x $50mo) 2nd year recurring would be $2,400.00 per month or $28,800 yearly.
  • At 8 sales a month (96 clients x $50mo) 2nd year recurring would be $4,800.00 per month or $57,600 yearly.
  • At 12 sales a month (144 clients x $50mo) 2nd year recurring would be $7,200.00 per month or $86,400 yearly.
  • At 16 sales a month (192 clients x $50mo) 2nd year recurring would be $9,600.00 per month or $115,200 yearly.
So you see, at these numbers you can quickly replace your current income, be your own boss and run your own company! For more information about this unique opportunity, please complete the email form below.

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