Winfree Business Growth Advisors

What Does a Winfree Business Growth Advisors Franchise Cost?

Total Investment:$75,000 - $250,000

Winfree Business Growth Advisors Franchise Information:
Winfree Business Growth Advisors (WBGA) is a national sales and marketing training and strategic advisory company that operates through a network of partners and independent operators. This is a franchise; therefore, you receive a safe and proven system with ongoing support. Each independent operator owns his own business and retains operational control over that business. This is a high profile business, working with business owners, CEOs and sales executives. We brand under the name Winfree Business Growth Advisors, Results Guaranteed!

The Services

WBGA provides management advisory services in the areas of strategic marketing, sales management, sales, recruiting and hiring sales people, growing the business, and exit strategies. WBGA provides weekly training at local training centers for sales people, sales managers and executives, and CEOs and business owners. WBGA also provides on-going individual coaching and consulting, as well as corporate programs.

WBGA contracts with the client to achieve a mutually agreed upon goal, for a fixed fee upfront, and then continues to work with the client until that goal is achieved. The tag line: Results Guaranteed!, addresses the CEO/business owner's desire to achieve tangible results from any training investment. The WBGA Black Belt System produces the desired results. This resonates with CEOs and business owners. Many owners have previously invested in training only to observe marginal, if any, improvements.

The Revenues

Please contact us for the suggested retail price for an individual client to reach his/her personal sales goals or the suggested retail price for an owner-client or CEO-client to reach the company's sales goals. After the first goal is met, WBGA suggests an annual fee for an individual and for an owner or CEO to remain in the program.

Seven Revenue Sources

  • Local public classes in your territory for owners and sales people
  • Hire associates for local public classes earn 50% of cash collected after expenses.
  • No geographic restrictions working with a single corporation anywhere in the world.
  • Introduction Luncheons
  • Special DISC and WORK ENVIRONMENT profiling
The two sources below are available for Master Franchise only:
  • 50% ownership and 50% share of the net profit of any additional franchises you purchase with another partner
  • 40% revenue of the coaching fee (royalty for the franchisor) of another franchise that is assigned to you, or you purchase with another partner you recruit

    Comparison to Similar Businesses

    Other sales training and coaching companies charge for specific events, including seminars and specific classes; or they charge a set fee that allows the client to attend classes for a specific length of time. WBGA contracts to work with the client until he/she achieves a mutually agreed upon goal. Results Guaranteed resonates with CEOs and business owners that have spent money on training in the past, with no tangible results to show for it.

    The weekly, one-on-one coaching with a private coach is a key component in a successful business, and is a major differentiator between WBGA and other training companies.

    This is a franchise. The independent operator is purchasing the marketing rights to a protected territory and the usage of the Black Belt System He retains complete operational control of his business.

    WBGA is very selective in choosing who will be permitted to obtain a territory. WBGA seeks to build long-term relationships with its operators by making them successful and eliminating turnover.

    There is no required inventory of product manuals.

    The material is new and incorporates the best ideas from the latest sales and marketing processes in the industry. Other than the stipulated monthly fee, there are no other revenue splits between the operator and WBGA.

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