World Gym

2018 Costs & Fees

Liquid Capital Required:$50,000
Total Investment:$60,000 - $168,000

World Gym Franchise Information:

World Gym is a company that believes in fitness. It stands for quality, franchising brand uniformity and superior services. That quality, superior service and uniformity produces more revenue through marketing, operations and experience than many other fitness clubs in the marketplace today.

A Cutting Edge Franchise Opportunity

In life timing is everything. The fitness industry continues to grow each year and opportunities abound. World Gym Key Club franchises capture the cutting edge of affordability and efficient design.


Open design yet loaded with cutting edge commercial grade equipment. Sure to please the amateur or the enthusiast.

Value Driven

Value driven without full staffing. Which gives you lower overheads and more profitability. 24 hour "key" access seven days a week your members will find the key club approach to be convenient and affordable.

New Age

Key Clubs offer not only the newest but most durable commercial grade equipment.

Before You Even Open

Simply put we are here to help! Here are just a few of the support services available to New World Gym Franchises:

  • License to use our recognized World Gym® name, our other marks, and our proprietary systems.
  • Training for you and additional staff members
  • Assistance in finding a location
  • Assistance with construction of your specialized World Gym® facility
  • Help in acquiring fitness equipment, inventory, and supplies
  • Help in marketing your services
  • Assistance with your grand opening

Once You Have Opened

Our support does not end when you open. Your journey and our assistance have just begun. Here are the additional services:

  • Telephone consultation support
  • Corporate web site where members can join, make payments, access billing updates, view a virtual tour and give feedback. The web site also has a secured log-in section for franchisees where you can chat with other owners, purchase supplies and view the latest promotions World Gym is offering for your own use
  • Wholesale services
  • Administrative support services as needed
  • Information systems
  • Financing
  • Ongoing advertising programs - attrition/retention marketing tactics, target specific marketing tactics
  • Research and development
  • Regional/national account development

Why you should consider a World Gym Key Club

The fitness needs of members is ever changing. Our key Clubs approach the two most asked questions, can I afford it? and Is it convenient? twenty four hour access coupled with the most competitive price points addresses both concerns

Return On Investment

Success through comprehensive planning is our motto. From the start our proven Key Club approach is profitable. Streamline efficiencies in staffing, sight planning, training and overhead guarantee success. Our unique marketing approach to membership sales is the key to cash flow and revenue. Consistent scheduled marketing is the proven formula for record membership campaigns.

Superior Support Team

There are no surprises for Key Club owners when partnering with World Gym. Years of experience, professional service and a nurturing approach at every level ensures success. Support begins before and after your doors open and is ongoing throughout the year. Continued education and training for owners and staff is ongoing.

Is It Expensive?

Our reputation and relationship in the industry affords World Gym the power to negotiate. As part of the World Gym family you will benefit from this power for equipment leases, health related products and service vendors. Start up expenditures and operating expenses are lower.

Please note interested parties should have at least $50,000 to invest.

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