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World of Water is a proven water store concept that is fun, friendly, simple and profitable. Sell the highest quality water and products to health conscious, friendly individuals and enjoy the rewards.

Everyone could be our customer! No really, everyone! Everyone needs water, pure water! That's the beauty of it…who doesn't drink water? And one thing we know for sure is that some of our best customers will always be around: seniors, athletes, new mothers, people with illnesses, business owners and employees!!

What's better than selling a great product that is profitable, recurring and healthy? Not much! And that's why water is the liquid gold.

"We've been thrilled with our World of Water success. The product is outstanding and there is a growing need for pure water in the marketplace. Our business has grown exponentially since we've had our Franchise."
Cathy Stewart - World of Water Franchise Owner Since 2001

Explore your options - join our team as one of following partners:

Living the "American Dream" of owning your own business, you'll be given the systems and training to start, grow and nurture your own business from the ground up to create a great living for you and your family. They might even be working with you on a daily basis! Owning your own water store is now within reach.

Area Representative
Each Franchisee within a region is supported by an Area Representative. You'll be the one to recruit and select the next franchisee in your support area, plus you'll help set up their store and support them in the future. You will receive a % of the royalty revenues for your contributions.

Area Developer
As a developer, you'll open multiple stores, which you'll own and operate.

Join an industry, set to be the largest of it's kind in just a few years. World of Water invites you to join the growing bottled water industry. With people everywhere looking for healthier beverage options and with the rising fear of potable drinking water, this industry is set to build on previous growth and grow exponentially into the future.

We can't wait to hear from you!

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