Your Time Fitness Kids

What Does a Your Time Fitness Kids Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$35,000 - $189,000

Your Time Fitness For Kids Franchise Information:

Your Time Fitness for Kids, is a revolutionary concept bringing to children, social interaction skills, exercise and fun. We utilize electronic interactive games which makes exercise fun for all ages, toddler to teen. This is our solution to fight the epidemic of obesity with children today.

Your Time Fitness for kids is the only interactive gaming exercise center in the nation. This gives you 100% market share!

If you love and want to make a difference in the lives of children, this is the business for you.

Our Motto is "Because my Kids are worth it".

During economic downturns people slow spending on themselves but not their children. This is what makes YTF Kids franchise a desirable and logical choice for new franchise owners.

Add a Your Time Fitness Co-ed gym next to a YTF for Kids and capitalize on the market.
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