Creative Investment Concepts

What Does a Creative Investment Concepts Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$5,000 - $10,000
Total Investment:$5,000 - $10,000

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Year Founded:1990
Home Office: Ft. Lauderdale, FL
A+ RATING Better Business Bureau
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For over 23 years we have been showing the average person how to:


Training and Support

Once you are in the Buy/Sell program...
We will immediately follow through with you to implement the instructions and learning you have attained. You could spend your entire life being a professional student and gain degree after degree. But if you never put your learning to the realities of life - - then what difference does all the learning make ? After the learning phase we get you into the COACHING program where successful investors with many years of experience will walk you through the procedure of developing your first PROFITABLE real estate transaction. This is a one-on-one hands on coaching and guidance program . Not only this, you will have access to the author of the program "How To Buy And Sell Investment Properties Using ABSOLUTELY None Of Your Own Money or Credit and Make a Cash Profit On Every Completed Transaction". This access is available to you 24/7 so that there will be NO down time in making progress as you work your actual deals.

Much of what you will be taught by the coaches and advisors will have come as a result of their mistakes in the actual practice of real estate investing. They have already paid the price of making mistakes for you and will guide you to keep you from repeating them. This information and guidance is invaluable.

The type of real estate "instinct" that allows you to make the right decision in these situations doesn't come over night. Like anything valuable, it takes time to develop. But we will work with you until you have completed the goal, whether it be finding a great deal on a home for yourself to live in or if you want to make $10,000 to $100,000+ in the next 12 months.

By learning the Buy/Sell program you will soon realize that it is WHAT you know that gives you a dynamic edge in getting deals through. In fact, it does not matter who you know or where you live as you could live in Podunkville and do deals anywhere in the country. Everything you will do will be done on your phone and computer. Even if you were going to do a deal in your own neighborhood just about everything you will be doing will be done with people whom you never met before and done on the phone and your computer. So it is not so important as to who you know but WHAT you know and that is the strength of this program. For the rest of your life you will be able to do deals anywhere and with anyone because you will know what and how to do it.


Our clients are making BIG CASH PROFITS

Listen to what our clients are saying....

Yes it is true, I made $32,000 in three months and never used a single dollar or had my credit checked... and $9,000 in my second deal. Other deals are on the way. I could have more money if I had decided sooner.
Baltimore, Maryland

I have taken about every real estate course there is, but before entering this program I never closed a single deal. Within the first 3 weeks of getting into this program I bought a 3 bedroom 2 bath house for $40,900 and sold it for $47,500 making a cash profit of $6,600. I did not use my own money on this transaction and I am continuing to do deals and never use my money or credit. The coaching available in this program really made the difference.
Pompano Beach, Florida

Unbelievable!! My first deal was great - $5,900. But my very next one was $12,550 and that was AWESOME! I am working on my sixth one now for $39,000!! My only regret is that I did not find this program sooner.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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