Divino Trio Gourmet Coffee & Vending

What Does a Divino Trio Gourmet Coffee & Vending Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$20,000 - $39,990
Total Investment:$20,000 - $39,990

Divino Trio Gourmet Coffee & Vending:

What We Do – A Winning Formula

Divino Trio is an Energetic & Dynamic company with one goal in mind, make you money with a Turn-Key system. We have created a blue print for success in the Vending Industry. We have learned that by combining "consumer need" with "the right equipment, unparallel service and the highest quality products on the planet", we created the winning formula for a full proof business.

Our 12 years of combined experience in this market has taught us how to take advantage of trends, innovations, and pricing. Gourmet Coffee Service is one of the fastest growing markets in America. Thanks in part to Starbucks® and the great American Consumer! In addition, the demand for quality Coffee House style coffee in the work place has created an industry in the billions of dollars. That is our untapped market!

When you realize these trends, and you couple these trends with Vending of Cold Drinks and Snacks or pastries...Well, you start getting the big picture.

Our Programs – Three Options
  • TRIO Program - The Only Automatic Gourmet Coffee Vending Machine to provide Fresh Bean Coffee House Style drinks. In combination with cold beverage and snacks. Everything to fill up the machine and get you started making money immediately.
  • MANAGER Program - The manager office coffee System machine combines quality and consistency with ease of maintenance. This user-friendly workhorse provides your client with quality Gourmet Drinks from freshly roasted whole beans with just a push of a button.
  • APPRENTICE Program - Addressing the needs of the small entrepreneur. Planting the seeds for future growth as a partner.

Coffee is the world\'s second largest commodity and America loves it, and vending has been around since the invention of the automobile. We will help you setup and we will give you the marketing material, inventory, hands-on training, and point of sale material to get you started on the right track.

Why Divino Trio? – A Turnkey Opportunity

As the exclusive partner for Divino Trio, you have the luxury Distributor for Folgers®, we have the luxury of working with a number of Coffee and Vending products Companies in the World to include (but not limited to) P&G, Kraft, Coca-Cola, Hershey, M&M, Hostess, Doritos, Red Bull, among many, many others. Divino Trio, Inc.® is the only company that combines world recognized brand name and high quality product with a tailor made aggressive marketing and advertising program, making it the ultimate turnkey business in the U.S. in the $40k + range.

Divino Trio Coffee & Vending is expanding on a national basis through an aggressive marketing campaign. We are looking for Entrepreneurs who have been searching for a ground floor opportunity in an explosive market with a turnkey system. Most entrepreneurs desire a business that they can run from home and set their own hours. Undoubtedly, this business is it! You can start on a part-time basis with a few accounts and work up to a steady residual income with unlimited growth potential.

NOTE: This franchise is not currently being offered to residents outside the United States or to individuals with less than $20,000 to invest.

Please do not fill out this form unless you have a serious interest in starting a Divino Trio business and are qualified for this opportunity

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