Greenway Insurance

What Does a Greenway Insurance Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$30,000 - $50,000
Net Worth Required:$50,000
Total Investment:$15,000

Company Details

Year Founded:2007
Home Office: Houston, TX

Greenway Insurance is not currently expanding
in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.

About Greenway Insurance

At Greenway Insurance, we are visionaries in evolving the landscape of the agency world.

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We are in touch with the current trends, have the context of the bigger picture and keep our sights on the future. Using this knowledge and intuition, we are pushing independent agencies away from the restrictive individual appointment model that has bound smaller agencies for so long and leading them toward the rapidly growing network model. With the network model, smaller independent agencies pool their premium volume together to gain the resources and benefits of larger insurance companies.

This allows them access to more insurance companies, marketing opportunities, specialty programs and profit sharing bonuses.

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While agencies can promise insurance companies substantial growth, even growing agencies often fail to meet Wall Street's high standards of growth. By combining these small, individual and mid-size agencies, we offer control of a very large share of premium volume.

Joining our network grants you access to a full service marketing organization. We are experts in sales and marketing services, creating effective social media campaigns, agency management interfaces, backroom operations and and more. Our resources take small to mid-size agencies to the next level, maximizing agency resources, time and sales proficiency, resulting in an organic growth in sales volume.

Marketing Assistance

In the digital age, an effective social media campaign is critical for a growing company. We have a team of tech-savvy gurus who are experts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Not only are they on top of the hottest trends, but they also are insurance professionals who know the best marketing techniques to grow your business. With us you can expose your agency to the billions of people who use social media every day. We compliment traditional marketing and mailings with innovative and fresh social media campaigns to ensure that your agency receives maximum exposure.

Profit Sharing

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Joining a growing network like ours is the best way to maximize your revenue through profit sharing. A simple increase from twenty to forty agencies within our network can yield 120 percent more revenue through exponential profit sharing bonuses. In this way, your company can reap large financial benefits, as our network continues to expand and reach critical volume mass.

Without the security of a professional network, individual agencies are extremely vulnerable to shock claims. These shock claims have the power eliminate the contingency commissions that are so important in a time of decreasing commission rates. While there is always the risk of loss, being a part of a professional network improves your resilience. Because our network has a large volume of premium spread across key company partners and increased profit sharing bonuses, we have the power to offer stability in the wake of those potentially devastating shock claims.

Greenway Insurance is not currently expanding
in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.

Ideal Candidate

Greenway Insurance is looking for the individual aspiring entrepreneur who is looking for financial freedom. We look for sales, marketing and/or management experience and someone who shows a proven track record. We are looking for a people who can build relationships, lead a team and has the motivation to build a business. Owning an insurance agency is very rewarding. You must be ready to make a full-time commitment, have good credit, a clean MVR and no criminal record.


We have established long term, solid relationships with some of the top national and regional carriers in the industry, providing comprehensive, expert insurance solutions and service to our clients.

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Greenway Insurance is not currently expanding
in the Dallas/Forth Worth area.

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