Health Career Agents

What Does a Health Career Agents Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$30,000
Total Investment:$75,000 - $150,000

Health Career Agents Healthcare Business Information:

One Million Job Openings in Healthcare…
Take Advantage of this Booming Market by Owning a
Healthcare Recruiting and Medical Staffing Business

We have two ways for you to get into healthcare recruiting and medical staffing: Make the investment and run the business as an "Owner/Operator" or invest no money and work with one as their "Sales Consultant."

Health Career Agents is an international healthcare recruiting and medical staffing company. We've pioneered a process for recruiting healthcare practitioners and placing them in new employment positions in exchange for recruiting and staffing fees. We train our "Owner/Operators" on these strategies and techniques.

Right now Health Career Agents is partnering with new Owner/Operators like never before, accepting a portion of their Owner fee over time, on contingency, as the Owner generates revenue. There are different options, but new Owners can get started for as little as $30,000 up-front.

There are critical shortages of healthcare professionals all across America with more than one million practitioners needed right now, especially in areas like nursing, pharmacy, diagnostic imaging and physician practice. It will get worse, as 76 million "Baby Boomers" hit retirement age, putting even more pressure on healthcare. Medical staffing is an $82 billion industry.

Traditional recruiting tactics have seen diminished results as supply has tightened and demand skyrocketed. We act as a healthcare recruiting version of the "Multiple Listing Service" in real estate, providing you with an electronic exchange to match up your candidates and employers with those of other Owner/Operators. These "Shared Placements" mean incremental revenue for you and a small commission for Health Career Agents. Everything we do is geared toward optimizing Shared Placements, including:

Agent Approach – Unlike traditional recruiters, you focus on the healthcare practitioner, representing them as their "Agent."

Virtual Teams – We help you build a team of Sales Consultants who work from their own home, making recruiting calls for you.

Ten Technology Solutions – research, marketing, email tracking and candidate management software to manage your team while maximizing placements.

Owner/Operators pay a portion of their investment up-front and the balance is paid out of proceeds as they generate revenue. A new Owner can get started for as little as $30,000 up-front and in exchange they receive:
  • Training in healthcare recruiting and medical staffing
  • Education on medical terms, specialties, and procedures
  • Help in building your team of "Sales Consultants"
  • Detailed Start-Up Plan
  • Access to our training offices for skill building
  • Internet research software to generate healthcare leads
  • Web marketing resources
  • Email tracking tools to prioritize contacts
  • Candidate management software
  • Website development, logo design, marketing material
  • Healthcare recruiting and medical staffing support
  • Payroll funding for medical staffing candidates
  • Ability to send twenty Sales Consultants through training
  • Mentor to guide you through early stages of business
  • Initial starter database of healthcare candidates
  • Global Database for shared placements
  • Supplemental training and regional conferences
You are able to start out full or part-time, whichever you prefer, and your overhead costs – for a phone, fax, and high-speed internet connection – will be low relative to your income potential.

More than anything, for their investment Owner/Operators get a business with tremendous earning potential and the flexibility to structure it around their life. Remember, Owner/Operators can get started for as little as $30,000 up-front and the balance is paid as you reach your revenue goals.

Request a FREE Start-Up Information Kit and DVD to learn more. You will also be provided an opportunity to learn more about becoming a Sales Consultant with no investment.

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