Maxx Merchants

What Does a Maxx Merchants Opportunity Cost in 2020?

Cash Required:$20,000
Total Investment:$20,000

Maxx Merchants Opportunity Information:

Become a part of the exciting credit card industry with this unique opportunity.
Own a proven business that creates residual income for years.
Work with business owners to help their business grow profitably
And most importantly - have fun!

About Maxx Merchants:
Maxx Merchants is a growing network of independent offices. We partner with merchants to help them process payments and grow their companies inexpensively and efficiently.

Never before has there been an opportunity to enter the exciting credit card processing industry as a business owner – where you can run your own business with all the tools that you need to be successful.

What we do:
Maxx Merchants helps businesses find the best overall payment solution to meet their needs. We advise them on how to utilize processing to help grow their business while keeping their processing costs low.

Unlike other credit card processing companies who build inside sales teams or create an agent network, Maxx does business the old fashion way – owner to owner.

What you receive as a Maxx Office:
  • Office Training so that you can succeed
  • Sales Training so you can help your clients
  • Marketing templates and expertise to create a consistent lead generation engine
  • An online forum where you can post questions and do research
  • An online library of industry knowledge
  • Protected online marketing territories
  • Impressive Revenue Splits
  • Operational support (email, phone, etc.)

The Trillion-Dollar Industry
The credit card industry generates over a trillion dollars a year in revenue. Even in economic uncertain times, industry projections are on the rise for the continued use and acceptance of credit cards as the preferred method of payment. So ask yourself these questions:
  • I enjoy solving problems for businesses
  • I am self-motivated and want to work for myself
  • I have an existing base of contacts that accept credit cards as a form of payment
  • I am independent and can work without structure
  • I understand the value of a residual income model that builds over time

If you answered, yes, then you are likely a good fit to become a Maxx Merchants office owner.

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