Netco Teller Inc.

What Does a Netco Teller Inc. Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$14,500
Net Worth Required:$59,000
Total Investment:$59,000

Company Details

Year Founded:2005
Power Gaming 01
Power Gaming 02The Opportunity

Now you can own an Internet Gaming Business and start generating profits on your very first month of operation.

That's right folks with the help of professionals Sunsoft has developed the Ultimate Investment Opportunity. At a cost of over Two Million Dollars plus 5 years of hard work you are now able join the Sunsoft Group and benefit from our turnkey gaming opportunity.

Sunsoft offers a "three part program" guaranteed to make money starting on your first month of operation, that's right! You start with a business that is already working and generating profits.

Part one is about the product

You are purchasing the big three, Casino, Sport-book and Poker I am sure I don't need to sell you on our product everyone knows they are the most popular and most profitable games on the internet and, as you may expect, they are gaining in popularity every day.

Online gaming has witnessed a growth from only $800 million dollars in 1998 to over $24billion in 2010 estimated to generate 177 billion dollars in revenues by year 2015.

According to research, the global online gaming industry revenue worldwide will grow at 9.2 per cent compound annual rate during the next five years.

Owning your own online Gambling Software represents an incredibly lucrative internet business opportunity.

With your purchase you receive all of the software with the source codes a 2 Million Dollar Value.

Part two is about Management

You business can be managed from anywhere in world all you need is a computer and access to the Internet

Part three is about the marketing

The most important part of any business program is the marketing, Sunsoft has left nothing to chance to complete our three part program we developed the ultimate marketing program called "CPS Marketer" This is the only program you will need to build your gaming business. I am very excited about CPS Marketer and I am sure you will feel the same way after you review the program.

We do the marketing for 20% of the profit plus we guarantee a minimum of 1000 player by the end of your first year The CPS Marketer will be operated for you 7 days a week be 2 expert promoters using the software they market to One Billion users of Face-book the world's largest and most interactive social.

The CPS Turnkey software Package

  • You get Custom Casino Software including source codes and 27 casino games
  • Custom Sports-Book Software including Source Codes supports all sports worldwide
  • Custom Multi Player Poker Software Including Source Codes plus 10 poker features
  • Included 100% Ownership of all software with source codes
  • Operation of the games and support of all games for 30% of the gross profit
  • 24/7 Customer support
  • Two Marketing Professionals for 20% of the Gross profit
  • Complete system set up and operating including website and Game Rooms
  • Free domain registration
  • Management program
  • Partnership Agreement for 50% of the profits generated by the player
  • Your own Costa Rican company and bank account
  • Marketing Program includes Free Play Poker and SPN promotion program

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