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What Does a Offer-In-Compromise Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$5,000
Total Investment:$5,000

Third party opportunities

For entrepreneurs looking to expand their financial career in the tax resolution business, he or she can register as a third party provider of Offer-In-Compromise. All accounts are provided by OIC, the company, for a risk-fee, small one time fee as a third-party contractor opportunity.

Third party contractors would not be responsible for selling the tax resolution product, finding customers, or accepting payments. The company would do that for you, making the opportunity one of the best available in third party tax resolution opportunities.

About OIC

IRS Offer in Compromise Help & Solutions | Tax Debt Relief | IRS Penalty Abatement

At Offer-in-Compromise, we help people who are struggling to pay their taxes lower what they owe the IRS and state tax authorities. We do this by preparing, reviewing, and filing offers in compromise, helping clients obtain “Currently Non-Collectible” status, setting up partial pay installment agreements, and taking advantage of many other programs for easing our clients’ tax burdens.

We are fully prepared to defend our clients when facing the IRS. We routinely negotiate voluntary installment payment plans and offers in compromises with the IRS and various state taxing authorities.

We have been extremely successful in the avoidance, abatement, or elimination of tax penalties and have saved tens of thousands of dollars for our clients by protecting their rights as a taxpayer.

Highlights Include:

  • Flexible work hours
  • Low price entry point
  • One time registration fee
  • Uniquely structured payment program (with a 100% money back guarantee on the purchase price of our license)
  • Automatic quarterly increases on the gross value of your accounts (during the first 12 months)

In the creation of the program, one aspect has become clear: working for yourself is awesome.

Unique Fixed Income Program

What sets OIC apart from other companies is we sponsor a very aggressive new accounts module that exceeds in value in our unique auto-disbursement program or fixed income program. Through this uniquely structured payment program, we offer a 100% money back guarantee on our contractor company, unlike other third parties.

During first 12 months, we provide fixed incomes that have quarterly increases on the gross value of your forecasted folder of accounts. This insures that you get an increase an income. You start as early as 45 days from start of registration if you are already licensed to practice before the IRS as an enrolled agent, CPA, or attorney. If you are not licensed to practice, we can assist with completing this process in 3-6 months.

Because of our hands-on mentorship and pool of licensed tax practitioners available to you, we have resources to limit liability over time. By the time one finishes training or on actual accounts, the platform would already have disbursed an ROI in about 6-8 months.

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