What Does a PhantomAlert Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$1,000
Net Worth Required:$1,000
Total Investment:$1,000

PhantomAlert Opportunity Information:
Turn $1,000 into $5,000!

The BIGGEST thing since radar detectors is big business! Millions of drivers need it. In-car navigation and GPS-based speed trap warning devices and database products are the hottest selling car accessories since radar detectors.

Remember the days when Radar detectors frost came out? Police were hiding everywhere, using the technology unfairly for issuing tickets to make money not necessarily for public safety. We're facing the same problem today with the rise of thousands of Red light cameras as a way for cities to make money off of unsuspecting motorists. Red Light cameras are popping up all over the US and around the world, they'll issue tickets to the tune of $10 Billion Dollars Next Year!

Earn Huge ROI!

Who we are:
We're, distributors of the hottest selling anti-photo GPS, GPS Data and Radar and anti-red light camera protection anywhere; the dealers of the biggest breakthrough since radar detectors and pioneers in Retail GPS and Radar speed and camera detectors and database products. We've dedicated our business to providing the best legal tools in the industry to help motorists avoid unjust tickets and our dealers to make large profits: Our newest state of the art products are GPS-based detectors and Speed Trap and Red Light Camera Databases and POI files which use orbiting satellites to pinpoint your location relative to a Camera or Speed trap and warn you Before You Get A Ticket. They're the hottest and 100% legal products in the auto accessory sector!

Our program highlights include:
  • Generous Profit margins (over 90%)
  • Simple PROVEN Product Offerings
  • Volume discount
  • Jump start programs
  • Qualified sales leads
  • Advertising support
  • Exclusive sales territory representative programs
  • Lead generation programs
Additional Marketing Support for Dealers Include:
  • Video, DVD and/or CD ROM of the Fox News, CBS News, Australian TV
  • Media testimonial from Washington Times, Denver Post, U.K's Daily Mail
  • Promotional catalogs, banners, and flyers
  • Button logos and graphics.
  • Pop up display for displaying products
  • Sales aids, such as sample ads to use, where to advertise and marketing programs that work.
  • Telephone and or email support.
  • Downloadable press ready flyers.
How Much is the Buy-In?
$1000.00 to qualify for our Dealer Program (call to get unit price). Dealers who request a higher buy-in receive larger discounts

PhantomAlert takes the Radar Detector concept of empowering motorists with the means to help them avoid costly tickets one step further- We created a dealer program which makes it possible for everyone to join our team of dealers in 23 countries to earn up to a 500% ROI while helping other motorists. Out successful dealer program is made of people like you! Drivers that are fed up with unjust tickets and want a way to make money and help other motorists avoid costly tickets. You can focus on profit and living your life because this legal product literally sells itself. PhantomAlert's products and business model are built upon a simple concept; Deliver cost-effective powerful tools to help motorists prevent unjust tickets from Red Light Cameras, Speed Traps and Checkpoints. Our products are easy to sell, easy to use and in high demand.

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