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What Does a Skymast Engineering, LLC Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$13,499
Total Investment:$13,499

Skymast Engineering Ground Based Aerial Photography & Video Business Opportunity Information:

Turn your passion for photography or video into a money making business using a technique that has been popular in Europe for years, but is only now gaining recognition in the States. Be the first one in your market to offer aerial images and video from up to 60' high- taken from the ground.

SkyMast Engineering's equipment allows you to capture the "bird's eye view" video and photographs like those seen in magazines and on TV- without the expense of renting scaffolding or a helicopter. A single photo typically sells for between $135 and $180. Video services are charged at an average of $125/hr.
  • Capture high resolution aerial photos or high definition video from the ground
  • Get the same vantage point professional sportscasters use at any event
  • Simple, user-friendly operation- no professional photo or video skills required
  • Complete systems include telescoping mast, cameras, controls, software and training
Bird's Eye Photography Examples

Our Business-in-a-Box packages come complete with everything you need to hit the ground running, including website, business cards, training and much more. We offer a range of photography and videography systems that start at less than $13,500 with no franchise fees or royalties of any kind.

All systems include completely wireless control over the camera or camcorder, and a live color preview from the ground control station. See exactly what the camera sees from up to 60' above the ground!

Bird's Eye Videography Examples

Sample markets that will require your Elevated Photography and Video Services:
  • Real Estate Professionals need your services to showcase their high-end properties
  • Sports Teams need video of their games for team review and individual skills evaluation
  • Weddings can be videotaped remotely- a completely new and non-invasive approach
  • Outdoor Community Events like parades, street fairs and festivals
  • Law Enforcement for monitoring crowds and recording interventions at events
  • Architects & Engineers need your services to promote their new buildings and civil projects
  • Professional Photographers often times need a bird's eye view of their subject
  • Advertising Agencies hire you and save money on expensive lifts or scaffolding
  • Builders and Contractors use your services for construction progress and to advertise their projects
Read what our customers have to say about us…

Skymast Engineering manufactures the most professional land-based aerial equipment you will find on the market. 'Business in a Box' was everything I needed to easily and successfully start my own business. As my business continues to grow, SkyMast staff continue to offer prompt, detailed and helpful technical and business support. In the near future, when my business is large enough for another unit, I will most certainly purchase it from SkyMast Engineering.

- Right Angle Elevated Photography, LLC Denver, Colorado

From the very beginning, my dealings with SkyMast Engineering have been top notch. The level of support received has exceeded expectation. The equipment is easy to operate and maintain. Most important, the photographs are amazing and speak for themselves. I would not change a thing if I had to do it again. Thanks, SkyMast for making it easy to realize my dream of owning my own business.

- Summit Elevated Photography, LLC Ann Arbor, Michigan

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