Coffee Business Consultant

What Does a Coffee Business Consultant Cost?

Cash Required:$5,000
Total Investment:$5,000

Coffee Business Consultant Information:
Coffee Studio LA
is THE HOT SPOT for learning about coffee … and a whole lot more!!

Coffee Studio LA Training Consultants is the leading resource for professional training and consulting for coffee shop owners and potential owners. Our program greatly increases your chances of success.

Coffee Studio LA understands that success comes from knowledge. Clients directly benefit by learning how to develop their product, identify an audience and being prepared to make smart decisions regarding their business strategy.

Our intensive, three-day course offers clients a unique entrepreneurial experience, not offered anywhere else, that shares the core business practices, management techniques and service skills used by today's most successful coffee houses.

Customers and Products Coffee Studio LA takes you inside the operations of a leading Los Angeles-based coffee house, and reveals each unique level of the industry to increase your chances of success!

DID YOU KNOW … Cornell University and Michigan State University conducted a study of restaurants and coffee shops in three local markets. The study concluded that after the first year, 27 % of restaurant startups failed, and after three years, 50 % of the remaining restaurants failed. The study concluded that 84.4 % of all small business failures resulted from forces within the owners/managers control. In fact, 60 % of all coffee shops fail from lack of knowledge and poor business decisions.

Prevent this from happening to your business by knowing the demographics, marketing profile and customer expectations of your coffee house! Coffee Studio LA provides the answers to these, and many more questions. Call us today for scheduling your training session!

The Distinctive Difference ... Our hands-on program puts you inside one of Los Angeles' most successful coffee houses. Dynamic, personal training addresses every level of the business, from a customer's first impression of your site, to serving, pricing, and personnel management. No subject is left untouched.

BEFORE YOU BUY … Franchisees: Know what most owners wish they would have known before they opened their doors to the public! Our training is priceless and prepares you and your business with answers before situations occur.

Coffee Studio LA Course Components:
  • Creating coffee formulas & blends
  • Making various coffee drinks
  • Coffee shop design and construction
  • Developing supplier lists & vendor negotiation
  • Lease negotiation
  • Identifying positive demographics for a successful location
  • Employee recruitment, retention, and training
  • Product presentation, staging and assembly
  • Inventory control
  • Video cameras: effective use and application
  • Opening and closing procedures
  • Coffee shop marketing
  • Increasing store profits
  • Turn-key customer service
  • Equipment purchasing and pricing
  • Budgeting
  • And many more subjects
Registration Coffee Studio LA offers the only entrepreneurial consulting course for today's coffee house owners, combining hands-on training with the expert business insight used by the nation's most successful coffee houses. Our program offers more than training … you'll receive crucial business insight that's applicable to many portions of your business strategy. Clients will experience the successful operations of a coffee house, including operations, turn-key customer service, vendor and lease management, profitability and marketing, and more.

The three-day course is offered at $5,000 a person, and includes three, eight-hour day sessions. Training, study and lectures occur on-site at one of Los Angeles' successful coffee houses.

Other consulting firms are priced at $20,000 and typically include an individual flying to your location to troubleshoot specific business situations. Coffee Studio LA takes owners and future owners inside a successful coffee house, revealing each unique level of business to maximize the location's profits. Consider the positive impact on your coffee house!

What is the benefit for a Franchisee? Before buying a franchise and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, take our 3 day class and feel what it is like actually operating a store. Then you can go back and ask some really good questions.

What is the benefit if I own my own store or want to start one up? If you are starting your own store, this class gives you first hand knowledge of what you most likely are going to need to do and face when running your own coffee shop.

If you already have a store running, this class can sharpen you skills for an even better coffee business. A small bit of education can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

How many times have you said, "I wish someone told me that before!"

If you are serious about coffee, you need to be serious about a Coffee Studio LA education!

To enroll in 3 day training course at a fee of $5000, please request information below.
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