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Cash Required:$60,000

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Are you interested in franchising your high-tech or complex business? Does your business require a strong dealer or distributorship network? Can you see yourself selling through franchised units, but are you unsure of how to recruit skilled and knowledgeable franchisees?

We help you design a franchise that you can sell. We help put together the franchise offering paperwork. We create the training programs and franchise operations manuals.

And we help you structure your business model so you can sell franchises. So your franchisees make money and you make money.

Franchising appears to some people to be easy and full of riches. It can be, but it is also a minefield. Unfortunately, most of the “franchise consultants” out there are great at selling their services but they are expensive and often don’t deliver.

How to hire a franchise consultant

People who want to franchise their business often spend unnecessary money. And they get confused between the role of a consultant and the role of a law firm.

Think of a franchise consultant as you would an architect, and a law firm as you would a draftsman. The consultant helps design your franchise, while the law firm drafts the proper paperwork.

And remember this: when you hire a consulting firm, what counts is not just the firm, but the main individual who will be working on your account.

We are a small low-overhead firm specializing in helping you franchise complex, difficult to explain, or business-to-business franchises.

We work with an outstanding law firm that is also specialized and low-overhead.

Working as a team, together we have vast knowledge of how to sell franchises, how to structure them, how to handle client service issues, how to figure out a business model that makes money and how to do training and support.

Free 30 minute phone consultation

Simply fill out the form on this page.

I will get back to you and we can chat for 30 minutes at no charge.

You’ll get some new ideas you may not have thought of.

I’ll be able to see for myself if I believe in what you are trying to do and if I can make a contribution to your efforts.

My firm charges a flat fee for most of our work. I don’t like hourly work because you never know how many hours something will take and a client doesn’t like something that is open-ended.

When we work together, you get my experience
  • I have put together franchises for RapidClad, Personal Clothiers Franchise Corporation, NuSmile, Equipment Recycling Network, and many many others

  • I am author of four business books focusing on marketing

  • I have built organizations that have recruited, trained and supported about 325 franchisees

  • Through my company, Sponsera, clients have included DuPont (the DuPont Corporate Ventures group then headed up by Pete Compo who is now the head of another DuPont unit)

  • My company, Sponsera, has consulted for the George Washington University on intellectual property issues

  • Not long ago, I raised $14 million from Silicon Valley investors to fund my startup Amazing Media.

  • Amazing Media had clients including AOL, Amazon,, and many others

  • I have put together joint ventures with public companies (Styles on Video, then listed on the American Stock Exchange, New Image Industries, then listed on the NASDAQ)

  • I have spoken at the Wharton Club DC, the Washington Press Club, the George Washington University and other forums, on startup and business topics

  • I was the subject of an Investors Business Daily article on lifelong learning

  • I am widely quoted in Entrepreneur Magazine and other magazines (Google my name, Richard Geller)

Free 30 minute consultation – fill out the form below

I look forward to speaking with you! --Richard Geller

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