What Does a AdPockets Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$1,495 - $12,995

AdPockets Business Opportunity:Join One of the Hottest & Affordable

Business Opportunities Out There Today!

Low Cost, High Profit, No Royalties

Complete Business Starting at $1495

By supplying five display locations minimum in your community you can start selling rental space and start to see profits come in. Almost every business owner or employee with business cards and even sales people need your help to advertise their products and services. The AdPockets displays are a powerful unique way to provide such a needed service.

Make money by helping business owners advertise on the business card displays, Video Displays and PowerPocket Ads and more!!

Multiple Ways to Generate Income
AdPockets business opportunity lets you earn money for placing business card displays in waiting and high traffic areas. From there, you can make money in at least three ways depending on the types of displays and Ad-Ons you choose.

AdPockets Displays have the only multiple ways for generating income for its business packages. No other display business offers so many options for both your AdPockets business and your customer.

Your AdPockets displays can hold business cards, business card magnets, coupons, business card CD's, brochures, and even full color ads to on screen Video Ads. You charge your clients a monthly fee for placing their business cards or other ads on the displays. It\'s really that simple.

Video Ads (optional) Captivator AdOns
You have the option of adding video LCD screens to your AdPockets displays. This billion dollar industry AdPockets AdOn is a super way to start earning money in yet another exclusive way with AdPockets.

Printing & Design Income
Your clients may want to enhance their business cards with special messages, coupons, or discounts. So you can sell them full color business cards, brochures, and other ads from our printing catalog. The AdPockets printing catalog includes over 1400 templates from which your clients can choose.

Vending (optional) Card-n-Vend or AdTop
You have the option of adding vending machines to your AdPockets displays. In addition to drawing people to your displays, you can supplement your ad-space and printing earnings or our Card-n-Vend bulk candy machines or AdTops can be added to any existing candy routes in your area that are already located.

Online Business Card Directory Website (optional)
By adding your very own website to the arsenal of advertising you are yet providing another needed service via the world wide web online for your customers.

Work at Home
AdPockets is a legitimate work at home or home based business opportunity. It's not a "get rich quick" plan. It allows you to earn an income or add to your existing income depending on your needs, goals, and commitment.

It's also easy to start up and simple to run! You don't need a degree in rocket science to operate your own AdPockets business. It's straightforward design means you'll be up and running quickly. You'll be your own boss which is important to most business opportunity owners. And, you can expect a satisfying return from your sales.

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