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"The Candy Man Has Arrived"

Allsorts Candy Co. has exciting new opportunities for distribution of our products. We have enjoyable, low stress, easy to operate and high profit distributorships available now. We provide a more personalized and gourmet approach to snack service for companies and their staff. We also service restaurants, coffeehouses and retail establishments.

About Us
Allsorts Candy Co. of Tempe, Arizona is a candy, nut and snack company. We specialize in high quality products from around the country and world.

Allsorts Candy Co. was conceived and developed by people who love to eat! Allsorts Candy Company has 100 different fresh, high quality products in its product line and is growing steadily with chocolates, truffles, hard candies, nuts, trail mixes, dried fruit, jerky, low carb snacks, low fat snacks and sugar free products. Allsorts is not a vending or honesty box company. Our distributors sell directly to employees of businesses as well as setting up display racks in restaurants, coffee houses, snack shops and grocery stores.

An Allsorts distributor is young to retirement age, male or female, a person who has a positive attitude and enjoys people. It's that easy!

Distributor Opportunities
Do you want the independence of running your own business and building equity? Allsorts Candy Co. offers financial independence combined with unlimited earning potential: with a minimum investment.

An Allsorts Candy Co. Distributorship is a comprehensive business package that enables you to get started quickly in your own successful, easy-to-run enterprise. This exciting opportunity is perfectly placed to help people from all walks of life run a business that is highly rewarding, both financially and personally. It's a perfect business opportunity for those looking for a career change or for professionals seeking a new opportunity. It's perfect for retirees wishing to supplement fixed incomes or those looking to be self-employed for the first time. It is suitable for men and women of any age or background, who enjoy meeting people, are self-motivated and desire income with the flexibility to set their own schedule.

In addition, as an Allsorts Distributor, you will have the satisfaction of knowing your hard work benefits the Humane Society. Allsorts Candy Co. contributes to the work of the Humane Society by making a donation to the charity on a percentage of our sales. These donations do not in any way affect our distributors' profits because they are made directly by Allsorts Candy Co.

Friendly Personalized Service
Remember the good old days when the laundry man made deliveries or the friendly milkman delivered milk to your doorstep. Those days may be gone but not forgotten. At Allsorts Candy Co. we continue with that friendly personalized service and combine it with quality products that you could only find in small mom and pop chocolate shops or gourmet grocery stores. We offer our customers innovative snack products that would not be found in every day vending machines.

Our distributors provide a more personalized and gourmet approach to snack service for companies and their staff. Unlike what typical vending machines and honesty box venues offer, distributors interact with staff and sell directly to them. The snacks are sold in well-branded, clear polythene bags between 8oz. - 1 lb. so that customers can see what they are buying. The distributor services offices twice a month and sets up in lobbies or break rooms using a small specially designed cart to display the products. Employees are then alerted that the service has arrived and purchase directly from the Allsorts Candy Distributor's cart.

Unlimited Possibilities
Every size and type of business or organization is a potential customer, from those with just two employees to companies employing thousands. Just imagine the number of potential sites with staff in your area - large and small offices, industrial, medical practices, hair salons, banks, retirement homes and many more. As well as servicing staff at offices, our distributors provide a line of products to retail establishments. Our small counter top display racks are a wonderful addition to a retailer who wants to offer our products in smaller size bags.

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