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AED DVD & Video Game Vending Machine Distributorship:

American Entertainment Distributors, Inc. (AED) was established in the millennium year of 2000 and has been involved in many different aspects of the entertainment industry since its inception. AED has developed a revolutionary new business offering that will change the way America rents and purchases home entertainment (DVD/VHS and video games). It's called 'Box Office Express'.

This recently engineered state-of-the-art machine will bring the entertainment industry right to the consumer's doorstep! We are currently building a nationwide distribution network of responsible individuals to operate their own business in the $50 billion dollar a year movie and game industry. Our company has committed itself to developing this unique opportunity and is eager to provide the means for all of our distributors to exceed their financial goals.

We have done years of market research and developed a fool-proof business plan that is so simple, anyone can do it. The 'Movie and Game Rental Industry' is changing! Automated vending machines will revolutionize where and how people rent and buy their home entertainment. AED will be on the cutting edge of this transformation.

We have developed a system that enables customers to rent or purchase DVD's, VHS's, and Video Games right where they live, work, shop, and play! No more long lines, sold- out rentals, late fees, and parking hassles at the mega-video store. Our machines are strategically placed in retail establishments, which is good for the retailer, because it provides extra foot traffic into their stores. Every rental transaction to one of our machines involves two visits to the store; one to rent and one to return.

Potential locations for our machines include supermarkets, office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, college campuses, high-rise apartment complexes, coffee shops, and so many more.

The Evolution of Entertainment Rentals

The 'Box Office Express' has been designed to be user friendly and efficient. It's as easy to use as an ATM. There are no applications to fill out and no waiting. All your customers have to do is swipe their credit or member card and follow a friendly touch-screen menu to select their DVD or VHS. Returns are just as easy. Just press one button on the touch-screen and slip the DVD/VHS into the designated slot. 'Box Office Express' automatically restocks the item so it can be rented by the next customer. If customers forget to return their items on time the machine automatically adds late fees to their transaction. After an amount of time determined by you, late items are automatically charged to the customer as purchases at an amount also determined by you.

Inventory control and restocking will be provided by AED or you can do it yourself. Our management software keeps this process simple and time efficient. Various marketing analysis and trends will be provided by this software enabling you to optimize your profits.

6 Different Ways to Make Money
  1. Rental Fees: Generated every time customers use your machine. Our unique management software allows you to fine tune all aspects of your business via the Internet. Variables such as rental term, price, late fees, and purchase price can be adjusted to meet changing market conditions and you can make these changes from your home, office, or laptop!
  2. Late Fees: Based on the terms you set for your rental agreement. Typically accrue at 15 - 25% of all rentals and provides significant revenue monthly. Amounts are determined by you.
  3. DVD Sales: Some consumers prefer to purchase the DVD's outright. This makes room for new releases, and allows you to liquidate inventory.
  4. E-mail Promotions: You'll develop a database of customer e-mail addresses. The possibilities here are endless. You can offer rewards for frequent use, promotions, local business offers and advertising, new release information, and much more.
  5. Membership Loyalty Programs: Many of your consumers will want to become part of your membership program. This will allow them access to discounts and special member promotions along with access to your web site for internet reservations and other marketing incentives.
  6. Advertising: Local merchants will utilize the 'Box Office Express' to get their message in front of your customers. National product vendors marketing on your sites will be interested in utilizing the machines messaging capabilities.
Our staff of dedicated professionals will be there to guide you every step of the way. Our in-house location division will provide you with quality high-traffic sites. We'll provide tech-support, installation assistance, training, and answer any questions you may have. We'll give you all the tools necessary to 'produce' income and become the 'director' of your own financial freedom. The opportunity to succeed and achieve all your goals has finally arrived! Let us show you how to become part of this lucrative industry with this groundbreaking opportunity!

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