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Arizona Bread Franchise Information:


The Arizona Bread Company began in 1994 and immediately established itself as the premiere bakery/café in Scottsdale, Arizona.

We are a fast casual artisan bakery offering breads, gourmet sandwiches, desserts, and made from scratch soups, in an engaging environment and featuring award-winning food. Arizona Bread Company uses only the freshest ingredients, using no preservatives, additives, bases or conditioners. Every sandwich is prepared to order so it is served at its freshest. We have evolved into a rather unique niche offering alternatives to traditional fast food concepts.

We've consistently been recognized as the premier purveyor of quality as evidenced by our numerous awards and customer loyalty base.


It is important to realize the potential offered by the "Turn-Key" nature of the Arizona Bread Company franchising opportunity. "Turn-Key" franchising enables an entrepreneur to take advantage of the umbrella of resources and expertise provided by Arizona Bread Company, while benefiting from optimized cash flow during the start-up period.

We have developed the most complete programs of real estate, architecture, construction, training, operations and marketing to ensure the success of each franchisee.

We offer a range of options for an Arizona Bread Company franchisee and can be as involved or as removed as the franchisee requires. While we are very committed to our program of "Turn-Key" franchising, we are equally supportive of those entrepreneurs who desire to assume the responsibility for all stages of development.

Real Estate

Our Real Estate team has over 20 years of commercial real estate experience with a primary focus in the restaurant industry and other single purpose tenants. Financial success can be built into each Arizona Bread Company by ensuring that only the locations that meet the standards of the site evaluation process are developed and constructed.


We have made a major commitment of time and resources to develop comprehensive training programs for our franchisees. New franchisees and store management must participate in a four-week comprehensive Arizona Bread Company Training Program. This is full-scale, educational experience, encompasses classroom study and in-store training, to simulate "live" restaurant operations. Each franchisee learns how a store is operated as effectively and efficiently as possible, in accordance with corporate standards for cleanliness, performance, quality of food, service and operational efficiency.

In addition to our extensive classroom and in-store training, we provide a "Grand Opening Team" to work in the franchise restaurant prior to the opening of each location. The team simulates every aspect of "real operations", ensuring that all the functions will be performed in accordance with corporate standards.


Arizona Bread Company provides each franchisee with a Franchise Consultant who serves as the liaison to corporate and all the departments.

Franchise Consultants are responsible for facilitating the franchisee's efforts and assist in the following areas:
  • Coaching to maintain operation, product and customer service standards.
  • Recommending, communicating and assistance in developing appropriate marketing programs, utilizing the Corporate Marketing Department as a base.
  • Assisting in financial control at the unit level (labor, food, cash controls).
  • Ensuring continuity in measuring key restaurant attributes through the use of standardized store inspection forms.
  • Fostering communication between the franchisee and Arizona Bread Company.
We are very proud of the restaurant we have developed and hope you feel the same. Arizona Bread Company has proven to be highly successful. We look forward to the possibility of you joining our team.

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