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Robert Wagner hosts The Litigation Explosion, an eye-opening expose of the growing need for asset protection and financial privacy

If there ever was a perfect white-collar business, surely Asset Protection is it. As a provider, you'll be helping grateful clients protect their hard-earned assets from many dangers, including America's lawsuit explosion. Because you'll be providing today's two most-desired financial services: Privacy and Tax Reduction.

From every imaginable field, sales professionals and experienced business people such as CPAs, stockbrokers, financial advisors, mortgage brokers, real estate and insurance agents, doctors and retired persons are eagerly becoming our trained and certified Asset Protection Consultants.

Why do they come to Asset Protection Group? One important reason: there is virtually no competition! Other benefits: you really ARE your own boss. Your hours are totally flexible. If you want to play golf or go to your son's Little League game in the middle of a weekday, you're free to do it. With Asset Protection Group you do NOT sacrifice your life for your business!

But make no mistake: the financial rewards are tremendous. On average, each client represents a profit from $1,700 to as much as $6,400 net to you! So it takes only a couple of clients each week to produce a very substantial income. And the full-time potential is unlimited. You have the ability to earn a full-time income from part-time hours. Plus, you'll create automatic, renewable, residual income!

As an Asset Protection Group Consultant - trained and authorized to provide our tools to your clients - you take on a position of great importance and status in your clients' lives and in your community. You educate clients about risks, needs and options for legal asset protection. In many cases, you need only have a brief discussion with your client, show them our powerful PowerPoint Presentation on your laptop computer, and give them our state-of-the-art video "The Litigation Explosion" starring our spokesman, film star Robert Wagner, and a copy of our best-selling book Bulletproof Asset Protection. The client will return to you eager to proceed with asset protection. You can let these "tools" do the "heavy lifting" for you - there's really no "selling" required!

Here's how it works. The clients select from a menu, you assist them in completing simple forms, and then you hand everything over to us. WE DO THE WORK FOR YOU. In other words, we're your "back office." We give you the finished product, asset protection in place, which you then deliver to your clients.

Other than the training we provide, you don't need any special education to be an Asset Protection Consultant. You don't need strong financial skills, although a sales or financial background can be helpful. The learning curve is short, start-up is fast, and good earnings can start immediately. As a certified Asset Protection Consultant, you receive marketing tools, training, ongoing support and actual client work from Asset Protection Group, the #1 asset protection organization in America.

We'll teach you eight proven methods to generate as many clients as you can handle. In addition, we can provide you with pre-set appointments with qualified prospective clients. Yes, we will even provide your clientele for you! And referrals from satisfied clients can meet most of your needs for new clients.

Questions? We answer them in a FREE, detailed 16-page report. We'll send it plus a FREE VIDEO featuring Robert Wagner conducting an informative interview with the father of affordable asset protection, former nationally-known collection attorney William S. Reed, along with 19 customer testimonials. If you have a sincere interest in finding a good, solid, high-income business for yourself, we urge you to get and review this free information.

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$9,800 investment required for refundable performance deposit.

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