What Does a bioPURE Franchise Cost in 2020?

Cash Required:$50,000
Total Investment:$67,600 - $100,500

bioPURE Details

Total Units:50
Year Founded:2016
Franchising Since:2019
Home Office: Johnson City, TN
Inc 5000 for Parent Company (RSS)

About Us

bioPURE is one of the fastest growing disinfection companies in the nation and is backed by an Inc. 5000 parent company. bioPURE franchise owners provide a new and effective solution to a growing problem for businesses and homeowners. Using our advanced technology, patented and EPA-approved disinfectants, ongoing treatments, and proprietary products, bioPURE owners help reduce dangerous germs and bacteria, including COVID-19, influenza, MRSA, and other pathogens.

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Innovative & Effective Disinfection Services Drive Growth

Since its founding, bioPURE’s innovative new approach has driven rapid customer adoption and accelerated growth, with successful franchises now operating in many regions of the country.

bioPURE owners use a technology-driven approach to disinfection and protection that delivers superior results and a safer environment at a more affordable rate. They leverage the latest, commercial-grade electrostatic application technologies and the safest and most effective disinfectants in the world. They also provide advanced hand sanitizers and other products.

bioPURE® CLEAN is a proprietary formula with an active ingredient that kills up to 99.999% of germs and bacteria*. bioPURE CLEAN is a hospital-grade disinfectant that is EPA registered and approved to be effective against the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19).

bioPURE’s SHIELD SERVICE uses a patented residual antimicrobial treatment that has up to 90 days of residual action against germs. This service gives customers valuable extra protection against germs that enter their locations and homes after our disinfection treatments.

Our powerful electrostatic delivery system means that every area of a home or business is completely with our CLEAN and SHIELD products—even in crevices and areas that cannot be reached using traditional methods.

bioPURE franchise owners also provide customers with advanced hand sanitizers (that protect up to 24 hours) and commercial grade disinfectants that customers can use between our professional treatments.

Own a bioPURE Franchise

Build a Strong Residual Business in a Growing Industry

Today’s business owners and homeowners need ongoing disinfection services more than ever. There is a strong and growing demand for professional services and products that protect businesses, customers, employees, reputations, and families.

bioPURE® franchise owners enjoy unlimited growth potential in their territories. They can serve thousands of residential and commercial customers. bioPURE owners can expand into many markets including schools, universities, retailers, offices, property managers and owners, gyms,

spas, restaurants, daycares, banks, churches, retirement homes, manufacturers, auto dealers, healthcare services, residents, and many other organizations.

bioPURE’s Unique Approach

  • bioPURE Complete – A Complete Solution for Disinfection & Protection

    Businesses, public buildings, schools, and homeowners are all looking for the best solution to help protect their businesses, reputations, employees, customers, and families. As the entire world adjusts to the “new normal” of the Coronavirus, dangerous flu seasons, and other superbugs, better disinfection and protection methods are required to provide safe and productive environments for everyone. bioPURE’s advanced solutions are leading the way by providing both immediate disinfection (Step 1) and ongoing protection (Step 2). Our bioPURE Complete program combines these two steps to give employees, customers, and visitors peace of mind that the location is as safe as possible.

  • bioPURE Certified – A Valuable Marketing Tool for Today’s Business Owners

    In the post-COVID business environment, customers, visitors, and employees are looking for assurance from owners and operators that their facilities are at the highest levels of clean. Our bioPURE Certified designation allows businesses to market and communicate the fact that their location is professionally disinfected and protected. A facility earns the bioPURE Certified designation when they commit to regular cleaning treatments using our EPA-approved disinfectant that is electrostatically applied by a bioPURE technician. Once they are certified, we provide them with signage for their facilities along with other marketing assets for social media and other marketing channels.

Why a bioPURE Franchise?

bioPURE franchise owners follow our model to quickly build a successful business in a protected territory. They use our advanced technology and disinfectants, sales system and tools, website and social media channels, training, coaching, and ongoing support to build and grow a strong residual income business.

  • Time Requirement - A bioPURE franchisee must devote full-time efforts to the development of the franchise, either through their own involvement or through the efforts of a hired full-time operator.
  • No Office Space Required Initially - A bioPURE franchisee can work from home when they open their franchise. Then can move into an office space as they grow.

Ideal Candidate:

bioPURE is looking for franchise owners who are aggressive and have sales experience, management experience or have previously owned a business. bioPURE is seeking franchisees who can sell, provide excellent customer service, and lead others. A bioPURE franchisee must devote full-time efforts to the development of the franchise. The right candidate will have a strong desire to provide valuable services while growing a strong residual income business.

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