Buyer's Asset Limited

Buyers Asset Limited Dealer/Distributor Business Opportunity:

Buyers' Asset Limited independently owned businesses offer a simple, affordable, and comfortable system for those who wish to provide their own income, in their own environment, and at their own pace either part-time, or full-time.

Buyers' Asset Limited Dealer/Distributors will evaluate, present, & provide newly sought after, or alternative currently purchased, cost-saving products, relating to their customers':
  • Cost Of Goods
  • Value-Added Goods
  • Consumable-Supplies
  • Equipment Expenses

  • May operate from their own home-offices, warehouse or professional-offices

  • Would operate year after year, building and adding up profitable sales accounts and resulting continuous residual income in their areas, with or without warehouse distribution facilities

  • Most manufacturers provide shipment handling services & freight expenses, at no extra charge to Dealer/Distributors warehouses, or direct to customer locations

Operating System
  • Offer free evaluations, to almost any company in their areas, for almost any product sought after, or currently purchased by the company

  • Central will assist you with source/product searches, from a vast number of manufacturers, importers and other sources, based on the customers' evaluation information

  • Present their customers with product information and price quotes for sought after new products, and for products currently being purchased

  • Secure product accounts with their various customers, secure payment plans monitor delivery schedules reap manufacturer-to-customer mark-ups on current and repeat orders, throughout each year

There is a wealth of behind-the-scenes industrial products, being ordered and used up by the millions, on a continuous basis, by nearly every company in the nation. An almost endless variety of product lines will be possible for evaluation and search. Mostly new, manufacturer-direct products from across the U.S. or beyond will be focused upon.

Products will also be available to those who wish to explore such options as:
  • Bankruptcy
  • Remodel
  • Relocation Liquidation & Closeout
  • Evaluation & Search Industrial
  • Other Products

Product Areas
  • Industrial - Pallet Stretch-wrap, Machine Wrap, & Related Products, Mop & Broom Products & Medical
  • Food - Service Safety Products, Apparel, Paper & Plastic Products
  • Ice-Melt - Snow & Ice Melting Salt Products
  • Professional Cleaning Products - Soaps, Waxes, Cleaners, Trash Bags, Plastic Liners
  • Paper Products - Towels, Toilet Paper, & Dispensers
  • Many Products - Retail, Wholesale, Industrial
  • Warehouse & Backroom Equipment - Warehouse Racking, Forklifts, Pallet Jacks, Dock Plates, Pallet Wrapping Machines, Backroom Shelving
  • Retail Store Fixtures, Equipment & Accessories - Shelving, Shopping Carts, Counters, Basket Displays, Display Hooks, Clothing Racks, Security Cameras & Mirrors
  • Other Bankruptcy & Closeout Product Varieties Are Many

Buyers' Asset Limited Dealership/Distributorship businesses offer a unique and exciting outlook for the independent entrepreneur.

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