Cash Next

Cash Next Loan Broker Opportunity:

The Cash Next Super Broker Concept is taking North America by Storm!

Cash Next has been developed by Cash Now, a leading payday loan franchise network with offices stretching from coast to coast in Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

We Work With Some of the Leading Lenders in the Marketplace!

Our current management team represents more than 40 years of combined marketing and management experience in the loan industry and nearly thirty years of experience in business development and management.

This is Your Chance to Enter the Lucrative Loan Consultant Industry!

First, we teach you the lending business. We supply you with all the forms, manuals, training, names, addresses, telephone numbers and contact names of banks and lenders you need to carry out your daily business. You receive the Financial Centre (FC) and the Electronic Finance Centre (EFC) powered by the Trust Vault. The Trust Vault is an interactive e-based vault used by lending institutions and Cash Next to assign loans and reverse auction them to the participating lender network.

Operational Support for Our Licensees is a Priority!

Cash Next support is just a phone call away through our toll-free dedicated lines. Also, once a year, you will have an opportunity to tell us how we are doing while meeting with the entire network of licensees at an annual conference.

As a Cash Next licensee your primary function is to manage your office while the home office focuses on packaging your sales presentation, qualifying the candidate and locating the lender. The Cash Next FC (Financial Centre) eliminates the need for you to underwrite and evaluate transactions. Simply put, a prospect comes to "Your" site looking for financing.

We truly believe that no other business today offers more prestige and exceptional earning potential than loan brokering. Our aim is to become a household name in the "Financial Intelligence" rank of the financial industry sector.

Your opportunity awaits with all the know how and tools offered by Cash Next.

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