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Charles Sharp Carpet Gallery Franchise Information:

The Beginning...

Since 1955, Charles Sharp has served professionals throughout the carpet and design industry with unrelenting dedication to quality, service, integrity, and customer satisfaction. Having spent 50 years developing his concept, collecting what would become volumes of extensive training materials, he has now begun offering retail franchises in the art of designing and creating original one-of-a-kind rugs - each one, hand crafted and hand carved.

Using electric shears, the artist hand-carves intricate designs into anything from Berber to plush. His creations are sculptures, tapestries-in-relief, paintings for the floor. He has designed and created rugs for professional athletes, celebrities, heads of state, and designers. His work can be found, quite literally, the world over.

The Opportunity is Two-Fold...

Charles Sharp has a defined talent for extracting patterns, designs, and images from wallpaper, fabric, furniture upholstery, or clients' imaginations. He has also defined a talent for teaching others what he has spent a lifetime developing. Where mass made carpets mean decorating a room around a rug, our franchises will work to incorporate the features of a room into a rug that meets and complements the already present atmosphere. Our franchises will be galleries of display samples, but will always remain open to the creativity needed to achieve the desired goal in each unique situation.

Charles Sharp Franchise Corporation is looking for approximately 12 Master Franchisees who, after extensive training, will not only operate galleries, but will also become manufacturers of the custom carved rugs. They will supply the custom carved rugs for the franchisees in their Master Territory.

In addition to Master Franchisees, we will also be looking for hundreds of franchisees that would like to own and operate a Charles Sharp Carpet Gallery. This will be the retail arm of the system, displaying and selling the custom carved carpets and rugs to designers, decorators, and individuals alike.

In our ongoing quest to provide our customers with the most professional experience possible, we offer our clients:
  • Choice of design
  • Choice of carpeting
  • A scale drawing
  • A color rendering
Consideration of the client's preferences is always our main objective.

Charles Sharp excels in the art of hand carving, and is now teaching his techniques to franchisees. His fifty years of experience is the groundwork of one of the most unique franchise opportunities on the market today. Although the concept is artistic in nature, you don't have to be an artist to be successful. Our complete and extensive training will provide you with all the hands-on experience needed to run your new franchise.

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