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Innovation in the Healthcare Industry

Welcome to Cosmetica Consulting Group. We offer consulting assistance to entrepreneurs to participate in the medical and wellness arena utilizing laser and light based technology in a retail spa-like medical facility with NO PRIOR MEDICAL EXPERIENCE NECESSARY!

We are committed to being the world leader in the area of MedSpa Consulting. As the organization that started this extremely exciting and rewarding industry, Cosmetica will continue to set the standard in all areas.

Cosmetica Consultants will guide each of its clients through the complete development of a MedSpa facility. By utilizing the talents of experts in all areas of development pertaining to MedSpas, the assistance we offer is unparalleled and unsurpassed. Through our innovative concept, we are making available to astute entrepreneurs the opportunity to participate in an industry, with no medical experience necessary, that should invariably stand the test of time.

Services Include

Cosmetica is committed to guiding and making possible the complete development of each MedSpa facility. We have assembled a world-class team of medical and financial professionals to provide clients with assistance in operating their own MedSpa.

Cosmetica will assist in locating the appropriate site, create designs for facility layout, recommend the best suppliers for necessary medical equipment and assist clients with a comprehensive marketing and advertising program. Cosmetica will also present clients with candidates for key MedSpa positions, including, but not limited to, the medical director, nurse and receptionist. Additionally, our expertise in licensing and compliance will assure that each facility is properly registered and licensed at the local, state and federal levels.

We provide consulting services in the following areas:
  • Assistance with site location (Local Market Analysis)
  • Assistance with commercial site acquisition and lease negotiation
  • Medical Doctor recruitment/placement
  • Registered Nurse recruitment/placement
  • M.D. & nurse laser and light-based treatment training school (provided by manufacturer)
  • Suggested treatment protocols
  • Medical Director handbook (receives at training)
  • Nurse technician handbook (receives at training)
  • Owner training
  • MedSpa Policies & Procedures manual (co-development)
  • Commercial (retail medicine) design blueprint
  • Broadcast quality customized television commercial (available in 3/4" or Beta format)
  • VHS patient orientation tapes
  • Assistance with web design
  • Local, State & Federal (including Medical Board) licensing and compliance assistance
  • Advertising and marketing kit
  • MedSpa business management program
  • Manufacturers direct pricing equipment package
  • Established vendor relationship for medical supplies
  • Medical professional replacement/recruiting
Being innovators in an area of the healthcare industry that is taking shape to be what many experts are saying will be an almost recession proof sector of business, makes this prestigious and highly rewarding opportunity perfect for the astute entrepreneur.

The Future

We are committed to being the world's leading Healthcare Consulting firm in this very specialized industry by continually setting the highest levels of excellence and innovation. We invite you to further explore this unique and rewarding opportunity.

Cosmetica's consulting services are not business opportunities, work-at-home opportunities or franchise opportunities. No employee, agent, officer, or representative of Cosmetica is authorized to close a Cosmetica Consulting Service Agreement before a face-to-face interview occurs between Cosmetica and the prospective client. No Cosmetica employee, agent, officer, or representative of Cosmetica is authorized to make any representation of the future profits or revenue of a MedSpa facility. Individual MedSpa results may vary. Cosmetica's consulting services are provided on a fee basis only.

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