Crystal Light-Jelly Belly by Elephant Vending

What Does a Crystal Light-Jelly Belly by Elephant Vending Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$20,000 - $134,000

Elephant Brand Vending Business Opportunity:

The Cure For The Common Vending Machine...Branded Vending!

Today everyone is brand conscious, whether its clothes, jewelry, cars, whatever. Why not Vending? Every day, people around the world spend millions of dollars on generic coin operated vending machines. Automatic merchandising is one of today\'s fastest growing industries and our line-up of Nationally Known Branded Vending Machines and the popular products they represent opens the door to a new age in vending, The Elephant Age. These four machines and their recognized logos and products they vend were selected by our marketing team because of their diversification and their ability to reach every segment and demographic in the market place today!

Branded Vending, The New Frontier in Vend Merchandizing

The vending industry has shown continuous growth in the past sixty years. According to The Vending Times Census of the Industry vending sales in 1946 were $600 Million and in 2001 skyrocketed to $38 Billion in sales. Today sales have reached an unprecedented $46 Billion in sales and still growing. With these staggering increases in sales and the exciting addition of bringing Nationally Known and Trusted Brands and their products to the market place, we feel the best is yet to come.

Here Are Just A Few Reasons Why Vend Merchandizing Is Ready To Explode:
  1. The high cost of labor, insurance, and overhead in personal selling activities makes Automatic Vending a much more profitable alternative than other businesses.
  2. The movement of population to suburban areas, coupled with people's time restraints and their desire for more convenient locations, makes vending an Obvious Winner!
  3. One of the greatest advantages of Vending Machines is that they can virtually operate anywhere, at any time.
  4. The ever-expanding trend in impulse, Point-of-Purchase buying will continue to fuel the growth of the Industry... With No End In Sight!

Even The Most Brilliant Business Ideas Remain Just Ideas... Until You Take Action!

Do You Really Know The Value Of A Quarter?

Research has revealed that 53% of all Vending Dollars are spent in Quarter Machines. This confirms Elephant Brand Vending's overall strategy in using a diversified multi-tiered marketing program that appeals to the largest segment of the buying public.

AIN# BO2554

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