David Bradley Chocolatier

What Does a David Bradley Chocolatier Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$85,000 - $125,000

David Bradley Chocolatier Chocolate Franchise:

"We Love Your Chocolate!"
Own the finest chocolate store in your town with a David Bradley Chocolatier Franchise. Our premium blend of chocolate, fresh quality ingredients, and elegant packaging, developed over 25 years, has our customers telling us," I love your chocolates!", "You have the best chocolates!", "This is my favorite store!", and our favorite "I tell all my friends about your store!".

Multiple Revenue Streams
Owning a David Bradley Chocolatier Franchise gives you control, by giving you the ability to increase sales directly by developing three revenue sources; In Store Sales, Corporate Sales, and Fundraising Sales. Unlike many other franchises, you have the ability to proactively increase your sales through multiple revenue streams.

A Pleasant Work Environment
Have fun while you work. Our customers visit us because they love our chocolates and love giving them as gifts. At the end of the day it feels good knowing your products and service stand far above the competition, and that your customers appreciate it. Its fun having your regular customers come in, learning about their lives, and knowing they appreciate doing business with you. Its fun going to work and believing in what you do.

Systems, Planning and Support
With a David Bradley Chocolatier Franchise you'll benefit from all of the advantages above, combined with business systems and support that will give you the edge you'll need when going into business for yourself.

  • Superior Product - Our products are fresh and made with quality ingredients. Customer loyalty and word of mouth advertising result by consistently offering a high quality product.
  • Multiple Revenue Streams
    • In Store Sales - We guide you regarding when to place advertisements, what to spend, and how to track advertising effectiveness.
    • Outside Corporate Sales Outside Corporate sales give you the ability to increase gross sales by proactively developing new corporate business.
    • Outside Fundraising Sales - Fundraising is another revenue stream where we have the ability to proactively increase gross sales. Fundraising not only helps communities and organizations raise money, but also increases public awareness of our brand.

  • Business Systems, Planning & Support
  • Opening your franchise - The first phase of our system is the guide to opening a business. It will provide you with the steps required to open a new David Bradley Chocolatier franchise efficiently, cost effectively and in a timely manor. You will receive guidance and assistance from finding a location and setting up your store to organizing and managing multiple day to day tasks.
  • One Week of Operations Training - The second phase takes place while the store is being fit-out. Business operations training takes place for one week at a company owned David Bradley Chocolatier Store. During Business operations training, the David Bradley Chocolatier systems required to run your business efficiently and effectively are taught.
  • Training in your New Franchise - During the third phase after a stores grand opening, a David Bradley Chocolatier Training Consultant will be there to teach you how to effectively manage the David Bradley Chocolatier business systems while in operation.

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