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Join the leader in dental industry staffing! We've developed a niche that can provide you with an opportunity to build a very successful business

Dental People Franchise Information:

Join the Leader in the Dental Staffing franchise industry!
Economic uncertainty has fostered a new business trend. Businesses are restructuring to accommodate rising salaries and operating expenses. By outsourcing services, such as staffing, businesses become leaner and more agile in weathering economic fluctuation. It's a trend that makes sense when the caliber of that outsourced service is a constant.

Every staff absence means lost productivity, revenue, and profits for the business. Smart managers are turning to temporary staffing businesses to help them manage and reduce those losses. Outsourcing through supplemental staffing is an emerging trend in American business.

Dental People has developed a specialized niche within the dental industry that can provide you with an opportunity to build a very successful business.

Most healthcare staffing companies specialize in medical without a priority on dental staffing. Everything we do is geared to meet the staffing needs of a dental business. We screen and hire only the best and brightest candidates, typically employees who work full time and adapt skillfully to various practice cultures and logistics.

If you are interested in starting a service business in one of the fastest growing business segments in America, we may be your solution. We seek individuals who are willing to serve. You will find that our emphasis on service will carry over to our relationship with you too. We have the experience, knowledge, and the marketing and technology tools to help you launch your business. We will train you and serve you every step of the way, and we will continue to work closely with you as you start and grow your Dental People business.

How Are We Different?

The Key is the Support You Can Expect
Dental People is a scalable business that can be operated by a single owner from home or small office, a couple or partnershipÂ…or it can be expanded to significant enterprise capacity with several key employees. We focus our efforts on providing our franchise associates with all of the tools and training needed to achieve success in the dental staffing business.

Market Data
We will provide you with detailed demographic data and maps for your exclusive franchise territory, maps showing the locations of all dental businesses within your territory, and a database of dental practices to download into your client database. Thus, you will know your client target market before you open for business. We will also provide lists of qualified dental hygienists and assistants in your area to attract candidates through direct mail.

Franchise associates will receive five days of introductory training in Minneapolis, followed by five days of on-site support. Training includes introduction to culture, business philosophy, strategy and principles; pricing structure, sales, and revenue opportunities; software training on scheduling and accounting; client/candidate relations - staffing audit, recruiting, and interview techniques; and daily operations overview. We provide ongoing contact support by phone, email, newsletter, and on-site visits.

You will license our proprietary scheduling software, designed specifically for dental staffing. This web-based software will allow you to operate with accuracy, efficiency, and mobility.

Operations Manual
Every process and procedure of a Dental People business is explained in this manual.

Printed Materials
We provide you with all the printed materials you will need, including business cards, brochures, post cards, letterhead, sales presentation books, staffing proposals, form letters, and trade show displays and materials. You will be able to obtain these materials for printing costs only.

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Dental People is currently accepting inquiries from the following states:

Wyoming, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Washington, Vermont, Virginia, Utah, Texas, Tennessee, South Dakota, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, Oregon, Oklahoma, Ohio, New York, Nevada, New Mexico, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Nebraska, North Dakota, North Carolina, Montana, Mississippi, Missouri, Minnesota, Michigan, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Louisiana, Kentucky, Kansas, Indiana, Illinois, Idaho, Iowa, Hawaii, Georgia, Florida, Delaware, Connecticut, Colorado, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Alabama, Alaska