Expense Reduction Consulting

What Does a Expense Reduction Consulting Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$50,000
Net Worth Required:$150,000
Total Investment:$34,000 - $45,000

Company Details

Subsector:Financial Services
Total Units:12
Franchising Since:2005

Expense Reduction Consulting Franchise Opportunity Information:

We Provide a Real Business Solution, which Immediately Impacts our Client's Bottom-line.

The ERC Franchise
It is a proven fact: most businesses today are so geared toward generating revenue, they often fail to focus on the money they are "wasting" due to inflated indirect expenses. That's where ERC Franchisees excel.

Who Are We?

As an ERC franchisee, you can work from your home office and travel to clients as needed.
ERC Franchisees employ a finely tuned methodology that has helped a wide range of companies minimize indirect costs since 1993. This methodology along with proprietary web based tools and Knowledge Base, assist ERC Franchisees in increasing their client's bottom lines by decreasing their often elusive indirect costs.

The ERC strategy does not include cutting employees; but rather focuses on reducing costs for items such as equipment maintenance contracts, telecommunications, utilities, office supplies, printing and many other indirect expense categories. Best of all, ERC Franchisees maximize their earning potential by providing their services on a "pay for performance basis", sharing in their clients long-term savings.

Today's business and economic environments require cost cutting initiatives to be an integral ongoing component of any company's financial success and competitive staying power. As a result, the high demand for EXPENSE REDUCTION CONSULTING services never ends.

Your Part
With a modest investment and some marketing savvy, you can create a high-income opportunity with the flexibility of working out of your home. Since our business revolves around cost reduction, negotiating skills are important but a financial background is not necessary. Our comprehensive training program will provide you with the skills and business know-how to succeed.

As an ERC Franchisee, you will analyze your clients' expenditures, employ a proven cost reduction process, negotiate with suppliers; and recommend and implement cost-saving measures. There is no selling of any specific products involved, which allows you to remain completely objective with your recommendations.

Training and Support

Personalized training and support designed to help you achieve success as an ERC Franchisee.
ERC Franchisees attend a 5-day intensive training program that includes our seven-step "Road Map to Cost Savings", an introduction to some of our national suppliers and a comprehensive review of over 30 expense categories. ERC University also focuses on client acquisition and supplier development strategies and the ERC web based CRM/Best Practices/Knowledge Base operating system. During our training session, we will also provide you with a "pay for performance" compensation plan which ties your compensation to the value of the service provided, enabling you to generate consulting fees significantly higher than normal hourly billing rates.

Simply put, we walk you through the entire business process, from setting up your office to invoicing - and everything in between. We then follow it up with ongoing support to ensure your success. If you are ready to begin an exciting career as an ERC Franchisee, please fill out the email form below. An exciting, and rewarding future awaits you!


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