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Searching for a franchise but unsure where to start? We connect buyers and sellers of franchises with a simple and efficient process that is free to the buyer. You will be introduced to franchise opportunities that make sense based on skills, investment level, ease of operation, absentee vs. active ownership, etc. Franchise Finders represents very solid emerging franchise concepts that you may not find on your own as well as nationally recognized brand names.

The list of possible franchises and business opportunities is endless. Franchise Finders can save the potential franchise buyer time, effort and aggravation by presenting franchises that make sense for a particular buyer. We will also guide and inform you of various franchise facts and concepts and help you with your research stage. Using our service certainly should not be the only means of exploring business opportunities, but it should be part of it. Our service is perfect for the individual(s) that wish to own a franchise but are unsure of which one and are open to a number of different possibilities.

Why Should I Use A Franchise Consultant Instead Of Dealing With Franchise Companies Directly?

Quite simply, to save time, money and potential aggravation. Our service is free. Your franchise fees or business purchase price will not be greater if you choose to use our service. We provide all the information a potential business owner needs to find the opportunity that fits their goals, plus we already know many of the safest, strongest and most lucrative opportunities in business today, a task that can take months for someone outside the industry.

How Can A Franchise Consultant Offer His Services For Free?

The consumer pays nothing for the services we offer. This is because we are paid fees by franchisers who respect the processes we follow and who recognize the quality and fit of clients we refer to them after our consultations are complete. You pay exactly the same fees with any franchise company or opportunity seller whether you work with a franchise consultant or not. The franchise consultant is uniquely able to provide a win-win scenario for both parties we work with.

Many people have always wanted to own and operate their own business but never pursue the opportunity. Let Franchise Finders help you make that first step.

The process is simple. Fill out the request information section below and you will be contacted by Franchise Finders within 24 hours. A brief information gathering session will ensue at which will enable us to present to you different opportunities that match your needs and capabilities. Working with us enables you to explore many different franchise opportunities that fall within your reach and can be educational. In addition, we take a no-pressure, no-commitment approach to working with our clients and recognize that buying a business is pressure enough.

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