Hanakai Sushi Bar & Grill

What Does a Hanakai Sushi Bar & Grill Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$341,850 - $692,000

Hanakai Sushi Restaurant Franchise Information:

Company Profile

Hanakai Restaurants was formed with one purpose in mind--to provide INCREDIBLE SUSHI AT INEXPENSIVE PRICES. Utilizing our special sushi conveyor belts to send our delectable sushi dishes around the restaurant, we provide an experience like no other. We make "fast food" obsolete. When patrons enter a Hanakai restaurant, there is literally no waiting. Once seated, they can dig right in to the superb and varied dishes passing before them--each one better than the next!

While our prices are inexpensive, the taste and flavors experienced are exactly as we have stated--INCREDIBLE. Our secret recipes were designed with the every day person in mind--the dishes have been tweaked to suit inexperienced taste buds as well as those of the sushi connoisseur. The essence of the taste sensations experienced are a perfect formulation of all natural ingredients combined with a Pacific Rim and more specifically, Hawaiian influence.

Franchise Information

Bring Hanakai to your neighborhood and take part in the success that makes our restaurant so unique!!

Hanakai is now accepting applications from select potential franchisees who we feel will be able to carry-out and uphold our high standards and branding. If you are interested in joining the Hanakai team of high-caliber restaurateurs and entrepreneurs, then fill out our information request form below and one of our representatives will contact you.

Changing The World Of Sushi

Hanakai believes in value-based management and operations utilizing a set of "Core Values". Core Values are the set of values that we use to help guide our business, its operations, and the way we treat our employees, customers, and vendors.
  • Integrity
    • To be rigorously honest and truthful
    • To maintain high ethical standards
  • Excellence
    • Exceed customer expectations at every opportunity
    • Under-promise and Over-deliver
    • Commit to doing it right and better every time
  • Personal & Team Best
    • Accept the obligation to perform your personal best
    • Commit to the success of the team
  • Balance
    • Maintain a supportive and healthy work environment
    • Foster personal and professional development
    • Encourage balance between work, family, friends, and community
    • Assure fun, humor, and enjoyment are part of the workplace

These Core Values are not just words on paper, they are a way of life here at Hanakai. We conduct our daily business and base our decisions utilizing conduct based on these set of values. The key to your and our success, is the people that drive the business---your employees, and the Hanakai staff.

Hanakai - Set Apart

We ARE a great family restaurant that is fun to eat in, with a very relaxing environment, and incredible sushi at inexpensive prices. There are two key factors that we feel set Hanakai apart from other restaurants:

1. Hanakai's deep roots in Hawaii. Due to Hawaii's multicultural environment, Hanakai is able to develop recipes and dishes that reflect that diversity. With so many diverse styles, flavorful recipes, and foods, Hanakai offers a very unique experience to our customers...a dining experience one can normally only get in Hawaii, and thus creating a distinct niche for our brand.

2. No sushi making experience is necessary, and you do NOT need to hire an expensive sushi chef to create our menu items. Our sushi system has been simplified and streamlined so that a sushi chef is unnecessary. Under our proprietary system, we broke many traditional norms that are associated with sushi creation, while maintaining high quality standards in food and taste.

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