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A Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp Franchise gives you the potential for high profitability in the newest and hottest trends in fitness! Canada only.

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Our programs are based on army physical fitness training. We use good old-fashioned workouts that incorporate cardiovascular exercises and resistance training. It is our unique approach to these workouts that sets us apart from the others. As an owner and trained instructor you will push and motivate regular people to limits they didn't think possible. The results are proven: reduction in body fat, stress and inches, increased endurance, strength, flexibility, confidence and energy levels. This is the most exciting and challenging opportunity to hit the fitness industry in years and you could be a part of it!

Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp is the newest and hottest trend in the fitness industry. You are able to get in on the ground floor with a minimal investment and relatively no overhead. Boot Camp is ideal for an individual operator or a great addition to an existing club. This is a proven system where real people experience unreal results.

With Hardcore you will receive a wealth of knowledge and experience from a highly motivated team. The general population is bored and tired of traditional workouts that require endless amounts of time and commitment that end with little or no results. Boot Camp is exactly what they are looking for.

Franchise Training
With Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp, the training and support is never ending. Initially, we have a mandatory franchisee and instructor-training program at headquarters in Edmonton, Alberta. This will include completing a 5-day leadership program with certified professional trainers and military instructors. Once the leadership phase is completed, we provide daily or weekly assistance via phones, visits, faxes, e-mail and manuals for as long as you need it. We can also provide on-site assistance.

As a Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp owner, we will help you succeed in the fitness industry and provide you with scripts, ads, marketing pieces, sales and operations manuals we have developed and used, which should give you the advantage you need to be successful in your endeavor.

Revenue and Expenses
The majority of your revenue will be generated from registration sales. We will recommend a pricing schedule based on individual, group, team and corporate programs.

We will also help you set up a variety of other revenue generators. These consist of nutrition programs, personal training, tanning and supplements.

A Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp gives you the potential for high profitability because there is no need for an expensive fitness club and the equipment or high operating costs that go with it. You can operate in a park if you want. We recommend a studio type center with some equipment.

Feedback from Recruits

I have been serious about fitness for a number of years and have accomplished some major goals. Although I trained hard, I never saw the results I was expecting (lose weight, inches, etc). I signed up for Boot Camp and the increase in physical strength, speed and endurance were overwhelming. However, the results are nothing compared to the motivation and drive I experienced. I am now doing my second Boot Camp and will soon be doing my third. This is honestly the best fitness program I have ever done.
Debbie Shenkarek
St. Albert, AB

If you have ever wondered if you could, now know that you can! Just remember that the easy day was yesterday. Boot Camp is just that, it's Boot Camp. No frills, no pampering, no soothing music just hardcore fitness the old fashioned way. I knew from the start I was going to finish the program, as that was my first goal, just finish. Towards the end of the first week there was talk in the group of signing up for another round, Hmm, not to sure I said to myself. On the final day's test I had taken a clear minute off my one mile run, then I smiled and said let's do it again. At age 48 I have not worked this hard or achieved such results in half a lifetime.
Rob Campbell
St. Albert, AB

Currently Offering Franchises in Canada Only.

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