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Why Hardline Design? Hardline Design combines the expertise of years of marketing communications and high-tech solutions with the focused attention of

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You only get one chance to leave a first impression. And it's your best opportunity to leave a lasting impression.

Why settle for the everyday, when you can have the exciting? Why settle for the ordinary when you can have the dynamic? Hardline Design is a design studio dedicated to bringing your business content to life. We take your source material and work marketing magic. You get the attention of a small but highly skilled and experienced team. The scope of our work is broad, ranging from logo design to full scale web development.

  • You provide the technology - Hardline Design provides the easy-to-understand concepts
  • You provide the solution - Hardline Design provides the compelling story
  • You provide the right product - Hardline Design provides the right presentation
  • You provide the company vision - Hardline Design provides the company visual identity
Why Hardline Design?
Hardline Design combines the expertise of years of marketing communications and high-tech solutions with the focused attention of a small agency. This fusion of technology and design enables us to create an overall look and a message that connects with your customers.

At Hardline Design, we advocate from the perspective of your audience. We key in on your customers' needs in order create the most relevant and compelling material possible.

We start by asking the right questions:
  • What do your customers really want?
  • How can we genuinely meet their needs?
  • What kind of response do we seek?
Then we turn the insight we've gathered into an effective marketing strategy. It's a process that moves from insight to strategy to intelligent design to results. Let's look at some of the tools that will deliver the results you want.

Effective Website Development
At Hardline Design, Web design is a clearly defined process - from strategy to conception to design and production to successful launch. Through it all, we give constant attention to your needs and your vision. We make sure your goals are met completely, on-time and on-budget.

Corporate Identity
Effective branding relies on a solid corporate identity. Hardline Design will work with you to design not only a unique logo, but also a look that carries your values through everything we produce.

Print Collateral
While the Web is one of the most efficient and effective communication tools ever devised, printed collateral still has its place. The tangible quality of a printed piece can add depth to a marketing strategy. With a technical and marketing savvy that extends to print, we can design and produce the targeted materials that are right for your business.

A Custom Solution
Whether you're looking to upgrade your Web presence or completely overhaul your marketing strategy, Hardline Design will provide the design solution that will help you achieve your goals.

When you support your product expertise with design that connects, the results are exciting: increased sales and new customers. Together, we bring in more business, and leave a lasting impression.

Partial Client List:
Aaron Rents & Sells
AquaRecycle, LLP
The Art Store
Bell Atlantic Mobile
Bullock Development, Inc.
Coach Jay Camps
Cashiers Rental House
Charissa Shultz Design
Checkfree Corporation
Coca-Cola, USA
Costco Wholesale
Crowne Plaza Hotels
The Chop Shop
Global Business International
Holiday Inn
J.M. Huber, Inc.

Joslyn Consulting
iTango Business Solutions
Lobsterman Triathlon
Medlock Corners HOA
Metro Appraisal Group
One Song, Inc.
Roth Copywriting
The Spy Shop
Sun Coast Construction, LLC
SYKES Enterprises, Inc.
TeacherLaptop Foundation
TMP Worldwide
World Gym

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