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About the Market
The market potential for air conditioning and heating duct sanitizing is enormous. There is a tremendous amount of concerns about indoor air quality -- mold, airborne allergies, Legionnaires' Disease, etc. Recent reports in the news media regarding the possible health effects of poor indoor air quality has caused an increased state of awareness among homeowners. In fact, according to studies conducted by the EPA, NIOSH and others, the average measured levels of many hazardous pollutants may be as much as 100 times higher in indoor air than the air outside. The CDC estimates that there are more than 17 million people with asthma and an additional 35 million people who are sensitive to seasonal allergens. Asthma is the most common chronic illness among school-aged children. Studies have found that the majority of indoor asthma triggers have been identified in the air ducting systems of heating and air conditioning units. Poorly maintained air handing units may actually increase the allergen concentration in the indoor environment. Poor indoor air quality has been ranked by the USEPA as one of the highest health risks to humans as compared to other types of environmental problems.

About Us
The Healthy Ducts, LLC. air duct sanitizing system reduces the reservoirs of biological allergens and the odors associated with their presence in the heating and air conditioning system. Trade publications have estimated the emerging indoor air quality market to become a multi-billion industry. If you are interested in becoming part of this emerging industry, we would like to provide the vehicle for your success.

The Healthy Ducts, LLC. air duct sanitizing program has a low job-cost-to-profit ratio, low overhead operating expenses, good working environment, high profit potential with payment received at the time of service. Healthy Ducts, LLC. provides intensive company training in health and safety, equipment usage, marketing strategies and business operations. The most intriguing part of the program is your total purchase price is under $10,000.00. A new rewarding career helping people breath easier through the Healthy Ducts, LLC. program can yours with a simple phone call.

Start Your Own Business
If you like, you can do what many people do and start your new business working from your home. As you may realize, many of today's well-known corporations have originated in someone's garage. By working from home, your initial start up costs would be limited to your equipment investment, keeping your overhead costs minimal. If you are starting with a staff, you may choose to start with a small office/warehouse space. Your work habits will determine what type of income you are able to create! No one knows what your work habits are better than you. If you do not have the drive and desire to be in business for yourself, then simply don't go in to any business. If you are motivated and have the drive to be your own boss, the rewards far out-weigh working for someone else.

You have the possibility of producing 2 - 4 jobs a day per technician. It takes only one person to operate the air sanitizing system. The cost to the consumer may run between $169.00 to $375.00 a job per Qualified Air Technician*. Your staff should be working on a commission basis. We suggest 25% to 30% commission although some business owners may choose to pay up to 40% commission to high-production Qualified Air Technicians. This is a service business. In the good old U.S.A., the service industries are growing by leaps and bounds. As your work volume grows, so grows your income. Each individual's success will be determined by his/her ambition, commitment, effort, and willingness to work.

* Qualified Air Technician:
Our philosophy at Healthy Ducts, LLC. is to make the indoor environment in homes, offices, and commercial buildings healthy and pleasant. Qualified Air Technicians accomplish this by reducing allergens, fungi, bacteria, and other pollutants that inhabit the air duct system. The duct sanitizing process also eliminates odors such as cigarette smoke. As a Qualified Air Technician you will have the knowledge and the equipment to make an immediate improvement in the indoor air quality of your customers.

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