HomeSafe Inspection

What Does a HomeSafe Inspection Opportunity Cost?

Cash Required:$2,500 - $24,500

HomeSafe Home Inspection Franchise Information:

The Infrared Inspection Pioneers
HomeSafe pioneered the use of infrared technology in home inspections and termite detection. Now we've made it affordable, too - with lease/licensing opportunities at only $20 a day! We offer multiple competitive advantages and moneymaking programs for home inspection entrepreneurs and pest control operators looking to quickly generate cash flow and positive word-of-mouth. As a HomeSafe franchisee or licensee, you'll provide your clients with the most advanced inspections in the world!

Only HomeSafe empowers its franchisees and licensees with cutting-edge infrared and acoustic technologies to, in effect, "see" and "hear" through a house's walls, floors and ceilings. Using these technologies combined with traditional inspection techniques, HomeSafe inspectors uncover hidden problems and damage that may go undetected in an "ordinary" inspection.

For Home Inspection Entrepreneurs
Equipped with HomeSafe's state-of-the-art IR camera/videocam rig (patent pending), a HomeSafe inspector can quickly and efficiently scan the entire house, room by room, to detect very small but crucial temperature differences from one area to another. These temperature variations often reveal a house's best-kept secrets, such as hidden moisture intrusion and leaks, faulty wiring, moisture sources of mold, missing insulation, heat/energy loss, termites and ventilation problems.

HomeSafe's uniquely customized infrared camera is the most powerful and sensitive IR camera for home inspections. And, unlike other cameras on the market, it's affordable - you can lease-license HomeSafe's technology for only $20 a day! This offer includes a revolutionary Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty (including breakage) and 48-hour replacement turnaround. It's a deal that you simply cannot get anywhere else!

A Better Way to Find Termites
Only HomeSafe has combined the power of infrared with the precision of acoustic (listening) technology to literally hear termites inside a house's walls.

Using the HomeSafe process, inspectors first scan the house with IR for hidden moisture that may indicate a termite infestation. Where moisture has been found, the inspector employs HomeSafe's ultrasensitive, needle-like acoustic probes in the "suspicious" area to listen for termites. Termite sounds are swiftly and objectively confirmed with HomeSafe's Pattern Recognition Software (patent pending), mounted on a tablet PC, to reduce human error. This process pinpoints the exact location of termites for better treatment!

Again, HomeSafe's IR camera, acoustic sensors and software come with a Guaranteed Lifetime Warranty (including breakage) and 48-hour replacement turnaround, all for only $20 a day!

Direct-to-Homeowner Sales
HomeSafe franchises and licensees also market their services directly to homeowners with the Home Protection Plan, a package of year-round, specialized services to ensure the safety and health of a home. With this annually renewable service, inspectors don't have to worry about seasonal slumps or realtor referrals. You control your own destiny!

Total Franchise Package
  • Exclusive protected territory based on population
  • Flat monthly royalty fee that does not increase with gross revenue
  • Customized, powerful IR camera
  • 2 acoustic (listening) probes
  • Pattern recognition software & Reporting software (1st 90 days free)
  • Traditional and Infrared/Acoustic Inspection Training
  • Direct-to-homeowners sales program: The Home Protection Plan
  • Pre-sale home inspection program for home sellers
  • 4-month and 1-year limited home warranty program
  • Inspectors' tool kit & mold detection kit
  • Marketing and sales training and support (includes Kick-Start Launch Program)
  • Discounted inspection scheduling/message service
  • Ongoing technical support, mentoring and consultation
  • Database management, presentation, spreadsheet and word processing software
  • Display ad templates, brochures, press releases, business cards, letterhead
  • $1,000 credit towards E&O/general liability insurance (1st year)
  • Free/discounted membership in professional home inspection associations

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