Hop.City Franchise

What Does a Hop.City Franchise Franchise Cost?

Cash Required:$50,000

About The Hop.City Franchise

Hop.City provides the full ecosystem including keyless vehicles, IOT, equipment and fully - manageable, AI-optimized SaaS sharing system.

Our vehicles are fully electric with swappable batteries. It means easier and more cost-effective operations. Hop.City mopeds can be located, rented and returned almost anywhere in a given city (the zone is defined by the Partner).

The whole system is integrated with Si.City smart charging infrastructure, That’s all you need to start and operate!

Hop.City is USA-wide franchise program.

Number of vehicles, custom equipment and range of battery packs is determined on an individual basis.

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What's Unique About The Hop.City Franchise?

  • Our mopeds have at least 3-years lifespan so you can generate much more revenue from the business than from other electric scooters networks
  • Sharing-ready vehicles with additional batteries are 40% cheaper than any other electric mopeds on a market
  • Small initial investment (starting from $50,000 for 25 moped scheme)
  • Saas system optimize to boost multiple and diversified revenue streams as well as for optimal relocation strategy
  • We closely cooperate with big courier and food-delivery brands to generate unique opportunities for B2B and B2C markets
  • Si.City smart charging infrastructure as an option- quicker and faster maintenance operation
  • Upcoming MUNI platform will help cities cooperate with sharing operators

What We Offer:

  • Supply of fully equipped two-wheel electric mopeds - cost of 1 moped with 1,5 battery packs is about 2 000 USD, minimum 25 mopeds required
  • Accessories (box, helmets, hygienic caps).
  • Saas sharing systemsystem (including local landing page, iOS, Android, AppGallery and mobile-www apps, admin system, maintenance system).
  • Service system (including service application).
  • Call centre and chat: 24/7 support for incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Service: spare parts
  • Operational training and knowledge

Your Responsibilities As A Franchisee:

  • Initial fleet purchase
  • Every-day operation: swapping of battery packs and maintenance
  • Local marketing actions

There is no initial fees and fixed monthly cost.

You pay only 10-20% monthly revenue commission.


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